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FastWave Medical: A promising intravascular lithotripsy (IVL) startup in an $8.5 billion cardiovascular market
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Building for Medicaid’s regulatory moment with Neil Batlivala from Pair Team
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Automated healthcare? Plenful emerges from stealth with $9M to streamline medical admin
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Automated healthcare? Plenful emerges from stealth with $10M to streamline medical admin
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Sam Bankman-Fried will 'return to his depression' without access to medication, say defense lawyers
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AI-brain implant helped patient gain feeling in his hand again
Simplifying Compliance in the MedTech Industry: The AI-Powered Solution by Formly.ai
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Our #DataScience team does not receive enough credit (while we are at it, neither do our photojournalists). On the data side, tt would be interesting to ingest data like this into @waze to create a speed-trap probability score. https://www.expressnews.com/projects/2021/texas-traffic-stop-map/
@AliTejaniMD 1 year ago
Highly recommend this opportunity if you are interested in #AI #ML #DataScience and medical journalism! The opportunity to learn from the @Radiology_AI team has been invaluable. #radres More information below ⬇️ https://twitter.com/radiology_ai/status/1643570443574710272
@PMunkCardiacCtr 1 year ago
Our #AI Team (and film crew) in action Peter Munk Cardiac Center AI is now on Twitter at @pmcc_ai! Follow them for the latest advancements in precision medicine in #cardiovascular care using #machinelearning. #WhateverItTakes @drbarryrubin @BoWang87 @SenthujanSenka https://t.co/aeRNIq9FaT
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Swallowing this pill-shaped sensor could help you avoid invasive procedures
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Apple names its first-ever ‘Chief People Officer’ as part of leadership shakeup
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Our team is growing! We have two 3-yr EMCR positions focused on synthetic medicinal #Chemistry and #MachineLearning in drug discovery (WP3 in link). Deadline 12th Feb. Really appreciate if you can please share! #OzChem #OzChemJobs https://www.csiro.au/en/about/challenges-missions/antimicrobial-resistance
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Surgeons at NYU Langone transplanted pig hearts into two brain-dead humans
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How much faster can we identify potential lifesaving medications for #COVID19 and other diseases? Learn how Dr. Artem Cherkasov and his team at @UBC are supercharging drug development through #ArtificialIntelligence and #machinelearning. https://bit.ly/3upe1w4
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At #MIDL2022 in Zurich, our onsite team led by Head of ML @raphael_prevost, shared with delegates insights to our recent projects. Thanks to everyone who was there and joined our virtual booth, it was a pleasure🤍 #machinelearning #ai #thankyou #medicalimaging https://t.co/3lPGGL67r7
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Who wants to be my maternity cover? #rstats #datascience database management 🤖 system administration 🧑‍ teaching great team: https://surgicalinformatics.org/ August 2022 - July 2023 Centre for Medical Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK https://elxw.fa.em3.oraclecloud.com/hcmUI/CandidateExperience/en/sites/CX_1001/job/4507/?utm_medium=jobshare https://t.co/n8yM62zzmR
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I enjoyed this podcast interview on #MachineLearning in #Medicine with the @computomics team, discussing our work on predicting sepsis https://sepsis-network.ch/ and harmonizing Swiss ICU data. #digitalhealth https://twitter.com/computomics/status/1527575002584850433
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AcuityMD raises salespeople’s pulses, and a Series A to sell more medical hardware
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Healthcare #DataScience is a team sport. You need medical expertise to really understand the data. And not just any doctor will do. You need someone who really understands the specific type of data you’re working with. And you need DS expertise. Working side by side. https://twitter.com/hoalycu/status/1507770891786096643
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Teens are struggling to quit smoking and vaping
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New #Supramolecular materials can be used in #EnergyProduction & #MedicalDevices. A team at the @TU_Muenchen Innovation Network #ARTEMIS aims to identify the best materials for use with the help of #MachineLearninghttps://www.research-in-bavaria.de/supramolecular-materials #PlsRT @MedBioinorgChem
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Postdoc position available @HHU_de & @fz_juelich We are looking for a new colleague to work on an interdisciplinary project - #DataScience & #MachineLearning on medical data - Strong team with excellent infrastructure - Duration of the position on to 4 years ! https://t.co/PTUMPk2398
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Listen to @CNS_update journal club podcast featuring the study on #DeepLearning & #neurosurgery #outcomes by @LurieChildrens peds neurosurgery faculty @sandi_lam @MikeDeCuypereMD & @NUFeinbergMed medical student team @NathanShlobin Jonathan Huang #AI #DataScience @NeurosurgeryNM https://twitter.com/NeurosurgeryNM/status/1491552518899392515
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Job offer @HITStudies to join the #datascience team and help design, build and implement biomedical metadata schemes within and relating to @NFDI4Health. Aplpy here: https://www.h-its.org/hits-job/medical-data-specialist-medical-informatics-scientist-or-bioinformatician-m-f-d/ @LOINC @SnomedCT @hl7germany @NFDI_de #medicalinformatics
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Apple looks to hire ‘regulatory project manager’ to manage future Apple Watch health features
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#Decentralized #Sovereign #Biomed @DeBio_Network is the Anonymous-First #Appchain for #Medical and #Bioinformatics #DataScience https://www.debio.network/ ✅Check out how the Team plans to solve The Ownership Rights Issue in The #Healthcare #industry https://blog.debio.network/how-debio-plans-to-solve-the-ownership-rights-issue-in-the-healthcare-industry-739fcf770da3
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Facebook’s “brain reading” tech works but it’s still giving up on it
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Vulture becomes first bird to get permanent bionic limb replacement
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Graduating soon and looking for an exciting #postdoc research opportunity in #AI and #MedicalImaging? Come join our team in @PennRadiology @UPennIBI @CBICAannounce to work with us on #cancerimaging and #machinelearning https://www.indeed.com/job/postdoc-machine-learning-medical-imaging-university-pennsylvania-f532f4f178e26ef6
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"In a study of 11 medical-mystery patients, an international team of researchers has discovered a new and unique form of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis pediatric-onset (ALS)" https://www.ninds.nih.gov/News-Events/News-and-Press-Releases/Press-Releases/Scientists-discover-new-genetic-form-ALS-children #bioinformatics #bigdata #itrtg #scicomm #openscience #genomics #raredisease https://t.co/TOqH4vXzuJ
@maiamajumder 2 years ago
Fellow researchers in #AI, #machinelearning, & #datascience (among others): if you’re trying to do #COVID19 research & don’t have a single public or medical health practitioner on your team, please pause & reconsider. Interdisciplinary research demands interdisciplinary teams!
@benedictevans 3 years ago
The curation problem: Apple blocked a fetal hart-beat monitor on advice from its medical team, but also a Huawei app for being a shopfront for a competitor (?) https://t.co/9LpkSIPABs
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Our team mates Julia Rackerseder and Lisa Stalitza working on the next research idea trying out the @ButterflyNetInc probe for abdominal ultrasound. #medtech #medicalimaging #funnysocks #ultrasound #deeplearning #MachineLearning https://t.co/fGfku9AS4z
@DonnellyDNA 3 years ago
The intersection of #genomics and #machinelearning are how we move from #bigdata to insights and usher in the era of precision medicine. Congrats to the team @illumina for a great first day of @sparkgenomics #SPARKbyIllumina https://twitter.com/susantousi/status/1386711943705100289
@FarhadRNezami 3 years ago
Proud to see our work appeared on PCROnline! Congratulations Dr. @maxolender and the team! #AI #interventionalcardiology #medicalImaging #MachineLearning @MIT @MIT_IMES @BrighamThoracic @BrighamSurgery https://twitter.com/PCRonline/status/1385200831973281792
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First human use of a wireless high-bandwidth brain-computer interface completed
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Researchers want to harness bacteria-produced tailocins for science
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Scientists wirelessly modulate neurons using x-rays
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Ultrasound waves kill coronavirus in simulations
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Apple Watch anniversary gift credited with detecting invisible heart condition in 58-year-old
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Scientists have jumpstarted the brains of two people who were in a coma
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Scientists might have figured out how to reverse aging in the brain
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Second consecutive prize win for Team Stochastic!🥳 Challenge: Designing and developing an AI Chatbot to answer regular and personal medical queries. Team : @arghyadeepdas99 @nachiketbhuta @techno_disaster Medium Article: https://bit.ly/35VGE88 #AI #MachineLearning #vuejs https://t.co/6SYaG1AlJc
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#BigData can revolutionise healthcare sector by enabling diagnostics team to analyse medical images for detecting diseases. Explore how #STPINEURON is fostering #startups to build such innovative soln: https://www.neuron.stpi.in/. #STPICoEs #STPIINDIA #STPIINCUBATION #GrowWithSTPI https://t.co/ti2Fxu8ygN
AI is wrestling with a replication crisis
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Talking Medicines raises £1 million to gather patient sentiment for pharmaceutical companies
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Looking for talented researcher in health data analytics to join my team with @JianhuaWu6. #jobs #researchfellow #healthdata #bigdata #datascience #statistics @LeedsMedHealth @MedicineDean https://twitter.com/uolmultimorbepi/status/1320658174018551808