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Samsung announces a render of its new fitness device, the Galaxy Ring
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This bionic eye could restore vision and possibly manipulate our reality
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Puzzling changes were discovered in the brains of people who suffer from migraines
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Masimo “Apple Watch clone” was based on access to confidential info and source code
@ricardovinuesa 2 years ago
In my latest piece published in @YuanCommunity, I discuss the importance of #Interpretability in #DeepLearning models, particularly in the context of #Medical applications. We need to open the #BlackBox! More info: https://www.nature.com/articles/s42256-021-00414-y #SDGs #MachineLearning #AI #Interpretable https://twitter.com/YuanCommunity/status/1495952256533168128
@hhaider51214 3 years ago
A piece on the applications of #MachineLearning for surgical conditions in the context of #GlobalSurgery. A long way to go till a positive change can be observed. @OneDotSurgery @saqibnoorcom @T4UGIS @AdilHaiderMD #AcademicTwitter #MedTwitter #Medical #SurgTwitter #GlobalSurg https://twitter.com/OneDotSurgery/status/1358152272795074560
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Students develop a smart bra for early breast cancer detection
@digitaltrends.com 4 years ago
3D-printed ventilator valves help out Italian hospital rocked by coronavirus
@Primary_Immune 4 years ago
Rare disease relevance and beyond in an insightful year-in-review genomics piece - "Research into genomic medicine implementation is moving forward briskly..." https://www.cell.com/ajhg/fulltext/S0002-9297(19)30427-6 #serverless #iot #SciComm #rstats #MedEd #OpenScience #ITRTG #BigData #genomics #RareDisease https://t.co/BqNp6jd2ki
@AlexJohnLondon 5 years ago
1. I’m a supporter of making more efficient use of information. But something about this piece bothers me. Thread. #ai #MachineLearning #medialAI #AIinMedicine Machine Learning in Medicine | NEJM https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMra1814259#.XKdcKraKxGx.twitter
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Alphabet is exploring smart shoes that know when you fall
@WIRED 6 years ago
It's well-known in medical circles that flu vaccines aren’t very effective. But since these vaccines are making pharma companies $3 billion a year, medicine needs a Manhattan Project-style initiative to modernize immunizations. Read @marynmck's piece here: http://wrd.cm/2FDL6sG https://t.co/UWNeB3Ot9o
@WIRED 6 years ago
It’s well-known in medical circles that flu vaccines aren’t nearly as protective as most people assume. But since these current vaccines are still ...
@ahier 7 years ago
My piece on #AI in #healthcare + #medicineBeyond the hype ~ what's real#data #radiology #machinelearning #empathy… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/864563514790223872
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Microsoft’s LinkedIn open-sources Bluepill for testing iOS apps
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One Drop’s smart glucose monitoring hardware gets a green light from the FDA
@mathewi 7 years ago
RT @BenjaminBell: This is soul crushing. Disturbing detail after disturbing detail. Important piece https://twitter.com/candacesmith_/status/796486066924568576
@hmkyale 7 years ago
.@SanjeevBhavnani,future star in cardiology, has written great piece on #bigdata science & junior medical scientist… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/796448160394739714
@pmarca 7 years ago
RT @balbert1: The pill, the condom, and the American Dream. Great @DKThomp @TheAtlantic thought piece. @isawhill @TheNC http://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2016/08/the-pill-the-condom-and-the-american-dream/498206/
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#HealthIT journal @HIMSS Insights' piece on power of #bigdata + #collaboration features EPAD http://goo.gl/5liJ6x https://t.co/6ttvMmBW8m
@AniShakari 8 years ago
Good piece! Give Up Your #Data to Cure Disease @nytimes http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/07/opinion/sunday/give-up-your-data-to-cure-disease.html?smprod=nytcore-iphone&smid=nytcore-iphone-share&_r=0 #EHR #health #medicine #bigdata https://t.co/2wYSM8bJYi
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The Eurobrain project unveils its first piece of digitally reconstructed brain
@BenedictEvans 8 years ago
RT @TomChivers: Powerful piece by an oncologist on how alternative-medicine quackery kills cancer patients http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2015/mar/03/what-do-doctors-say-to-alternative-therapists-when-a-patient-dies-nothing-we-never-talk?CMP=soc_3156
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Would the medical research benefits of reclassifying LSD outweigh the risks?
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This photo is the most beautiful depiction of our allergy nightmare
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8 resources for funding mobile healthcare and fitness startups
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Video: Is Alien: Isolation's Trauma DLC worth sticking around Sevastopol for?
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RT @aarthir: This is a great piece on how 3D printing is revolutionizing medicine http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/11/24/print-thyself?currentPage=all
@pmarca 9 years ago
RT @SuB8u: Excellent piece on how 3D Printing is revolutionizing medicine. The pace of evolution of the tech is indeed awesome! http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/11/24/print-thyself
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The following piece contains spoilers for The Knick season finale, "Crutchfield." Stop here if you haven't seen it. You've been warned.
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Little Moe Is A Robot That Hunts And Kills Ebola