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#queensu researcher @ProfSimsim is the @CRC_CRC in Biomedical Computing and Informatics, leveraging #MachineLearning technologies to transform how clinicians treat #cancer using a data-driven, precision medicine approach | #QueensuResearch | #WomenInSTEM https://www.queensu.ca/research/researchers/amber-simpson-0
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As this technology matures, it will be possible to use it for better customer support, business intelligence, medical informatics, advanced discovery, and much more. #DataScience #ArtificialIntelligence https://hubs.ly/H0CmfYp0
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We are inviting papers exploring ways to reduce #MachineLearning bias in healthcare or create algorithms that specifically alleviate inequalities. Publish your research in the British Medical Journal Health and Care Informatics. #FairnessMedicalML https://twitter.com/MITCriticalData/status/1323337994519064578
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Dr Tingting Zhu's research on automated labelling of biomedical data is one of best papers of 2019 in Sensor, Signal & Imaging Informatics category @IMIAtweets Yearbook of Medical Informatics https://eng.ox.ac.uk/news/dr-tingting-zhu-awarded-one-of-the-best-research-articles-published-in-2019/ #healthcare #machinelearning #biomedicalengineering @WIEOxford https://t.co/QRC21nWJpZ
Alumni in the coronavirus conversation
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Big Data, Health Informatics, and the Future of Medicine >> https://bit.ly/2MKZOUE Via @DecisionsSmart #BigData #health #medicine #future
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Open position for PhD student in medical informatics / machine learning. Deadline: 15.12.2019 #MachineLearning #Bioinformatics #Jobs https://www.linkedin.com/posts/dominik-heider-52291644_philipps-universit%C3%A4t-marburg-activity-6606450153576505344--XKh
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3 - And last, we are starting a Data Science/Clinical Informatics summer research experience for URiM medical students through @BIDMC_Education and @BIDMCEM. If you know any MS1s looking for summer research send em my way! #HIT #HealthTech #clinicalInformatics #DataScience
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Delighted to be taking on Head of the Centre for Medical Informatics at @EdinUniUsher @EdinburghUni What a fantastic team and in great shape thanks to the hard work of Cathie Sudlow and colleagues. #DataScience #DataSavesLives #rstats https://twitter.com/edinuniusher/status/1179445537558401027
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Chevron Tech, Medical Informatics, ActivTrak, Linear & More TX Tech
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Apple’s iOS 11.3 electronic health record initiative ‘might be overhyped’
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Your smartphone could help power future cancer cures
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State of deep learning in health informatics. #BigData #DeepLearning #MachineLearning #DataScience #AI #HealthTech… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/818645009872326656
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.@Philips CEO of Connected Care and Health Informatics talks about how @Qualcomm technology helps save lives.… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/817427758661791745
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Finding Meaningful Careers in Health Informatics: http://insight.ieeeusa.org/insight/content/careers/391644and join us at @BoozAllen https://www.boozallen.com/consultants/commercial-solutions/healthcare-consulting #DataScience
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Medicines beyond doctors: Healthcare informatics as a science has to tackle the big data challenge. I... http://lnkplg.co/ndojd #BigData
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Medical informatics: Make sense of health data - http://goo.gl/0lnMI3 #IoT #bigdata #ehealth #healthcare #datascience #dataanalytics
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Medical Informatics - making sense of health data: http://www.nature.com/news/informatics-make-sense-of-health-data-1.18691 #DataScience #BigData HT @AngelaZutavern https://t.co/IgCQlABUwZ
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#BigData + Big Genomics + Big Pharma = how Informatics & #DataScience will play major role in the future of medicine: http://www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2014/12/23/big-datas-bina-acquired-by-big-pharmas-roche.html
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This Indian startup could disrupt health care with an affordable diagnostic machine