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Hydroxychloroquine linked to higher risk of death in coronavirus patients
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Coronavirus Kills Medics Wearing Trash Bags as Trump Screams ‘Congratulations AMERICA’
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Cuba/US scientific cooperation declines under Trump
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Patterns, Predictability, and the Rise of Donald Trump 
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We need to use #MachineLearning to get better medical care and also to learn from those who came before us - Donald Rucker #ONC2017
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A private clinic in Botswana has started receiving bitcoin as payment for treatment
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The rise of the printed tweet in American politics
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RT @collision: Donald Trump is like a Milgram experiment on Republican Party leaders.
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RT @cyberprefixer: Dr Oz to cyberinterview Donald Trump on his cyberhealth
@gigabarb 4 years ago
RT @ObsoleteDogma: I think the closest we’re going to get to Donald Trump’s medical records is Mike Pence saying he has “broad shoulders”.
@pmarca 4 years ago
RT @jbarro: Jill Stein, like Donald Trump, believes a bunch of nonsense about vaccines because of course she does. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/07/29/jill-stein-on-vaccines-people-have-real-questions/
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Donald Trump given perfect bill of health by a ghost
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RT @netw3rk: Greetings,I am Ronald Shrump, a doctor of medicine for many years. My client Donald Trump is in a state of health I would call "classy"
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Because the Trump petition has gotten more than 100,000 signatures, the government will now consider debating the issue in Parliament.