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Super-C and Terabit Wavelengths, Delivering Data Center Interconnect for Today and Tomorrow
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Middle-Mile Modernization Demand Drivers: The Path to 400G and Beyond
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Ribbon, SURF Streamline Data Transport Over 1,650km via Single 800G Wavelength
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NTT DATA Partners with Openvia Mobility for Private 5G Launch across the US
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Orchard vision system turns farm equipment into AI-powered data collectors
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Surveying the State of 800G: Key Questions Start Getting Answers
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Mobility data platform Vianova enters the UAE as it gets Abu Dhabi call up
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New guest blog: 10DS fellows, Federico & Robin, talk about working with the Campus to develop R and Python packages for Journey Time Statistics (JTS) using transport data. https://datasciencecampus.ons.gov.uk/guest-blog-enhancing-open-access-data-analysis-introducing-the-journey-time-statistics-r-and-python-packages/ #DataScience #OpenSource
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Postdoc position: developing new #dataDriven methods, leveraging ocean dynamics together with #MachineLearning, for inferring subsurface ocean transport from #SWOT data. https://bit.ly/3MCQnED https://t.co/VKsJAzVujp
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China’s Inflation Rate Drops to Lowest in 18 Months
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Fujitsu Launches New Optical Transport for Terabit Networking
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Ciena’s WaveLogic 6 to Support up to 1.6Tb/s Single-carrier Wavelengths for Metro ROADM Deployments
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Hey #datascience, #econtwitter, and #transport folks: today, we published data on the areas people can feasibly travel to using public transport starting from hundreds of thousands of points across the UK as part of analysis we did for @luhc. https://datasciencecampus.ons.gov.uk/using-open-data-to-understand-hyperlocal-differences-in-uk-public-transport-availability/ #gis
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Heads-up #DataScience people + friends If you want to make transport planning more data-driven and effective: new jobs @activetraveleng incoming, likely next week. Please pass on this opportunity to use #rstats #Python #Data skills to inform policy https://t.co/lA9OQIP9CI
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New @ITSLeeds seminar by @rosamfelix who is visiting from @u_shift 🇵🇹 now available online For anyone interested in sustainable transport planning, open data, geographic #DataScience methods, and transport modelling, this is for you! https://youtu.be/2piUF3S7AWo
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Aviat Completes Acquisition of Redline Transaction
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We have some exciting news! Please welcome some new additions to the team :D @BeateKubitz @GarethDennis @marcwfarr @ChristianSpence and @HEgleSorotos are all joining us as 'data leaders', covering #health #transport #economy and #DataScience https://open-innovations.org/blog/2022-06-23-introducing-the-open-innovations-data-leaders
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Thousands of Mobike users’ passports and IDs exposed online
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Want to get started with reproducible #DataScience for sustainable transport research/advocacy/policy analysis? This minimal 'how to' guide on downloading and visualising open access data on movements and infrastructure can get you started: https://github.com/robinlovelace/sheffield_cycle_data #RStats https://t.co/trN0ASMF4X
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Second in our blog series on #NYC TLC #Taxi Cab #data. Just how many trips are taken by New Yorkers every year across Cabs, Buses, Trains and other transport services? Find out, without downloading and moving data. https://zcu.io/wc8p #dataproducts #bigdata #api #swisstech
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We use a reliable data streaming platform to transport data to new locations where we can pull valuable insights, benefiting our partners. Follow us to know more. #Tranglo #ApacheKafka #CrossBorderPayments #Fintech #BigData https://tranglo.com/blog/how-we-improve-data-streaming-with-kafka-connectors-board/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=techblog&utm_content=kafka https://t.co/X4PobYINDM
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Canadian startup Rose Rocket raises Series A to scale its transport software business
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Sharing mobility data without compromising privacy
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NSW Transport taps into AI and data analytics to improve road safety
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For anyone interested in using #DataScience to tackle transport decarbonisation particular, this is highly recommended. Next Weds 15th midday. Coincides with release of new origin-destination data w. mode, purpose+more Please RT and share with colleagues! https://twitter.com/N8Decarbo/status/1429815188459462656 https://t.co/S72m55zuqS
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Need a super-secure way to transport data? Check out the Apricorn Aegis Padlock SSD
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Calgary’s parking authority exposed driver’s personal data and tickets
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Driving Automation and Resiliency for Next Gen Optical Networks
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Driving Automation and Resiliency for Next Gen Optical Networks
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The Accellion data breach continues to get messier
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How Big Data Impacts Smart Cities? http://ow.ly/p7Rg50EMxgI #BigData #SmartCities #Digitalisation #IoT #IIoT #Transport #SmartCensors #Tech #AI #CloudComputing #Storage #SensorData
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gtfs2gps • Converting public transport data from GTFS format to GPS-like records Rafael H.M. Pereira @urbandemog, Pedro R. Andrade, Joao Bazzo @joaopbazzo https://github.com/ipeaGIT/gtfs2gps #rstats #datascience https://t.co/RL71gMeqco
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.@USAirForce Space Command issues a request for information (RFI) for Space #5G to improve data transport for ground and space-based communications: https://dy.si/wEXYie #AI #MachineLearning #EdgeComputing #IoT #IIoT #IoTCommunity #IoTPL https://t.co/VUrAolqx5S
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Singapore Airlines frequent flyer members hit in third-party data security breach
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Recently I gave a talk on "Applications of #Spatial and #DataScience Approaches in #Transportation Studies" at Institute of Transportation Studies seminar, University of California, Irvine. If interested in data-driven methods in transport studies check: https://youtu.be/3Kr9wYgwBmE
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Transport for NSW confirms data taken in Accellion breach
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Moovit’s Global Public Transport Report shows impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian transit
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In the era of #bigdata & #artificialintelligence, data-driven and technology-based transport governance could lead to safer and better-managed streets. Join this interesting #roadsafety #webinar on 12 January 2021, 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm Register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_919doIOwRMuCd86m55KM8w @WRIIndia https://t.co/zL8osLzSUT
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How data analytics is helping to make the Hyperloop dream a transport reality https://diginomica.com/how-data-and-analytics-helping-make-hyperloop-dream-transport-reality #MachineLearning #DataScience #Python #AI #100DaysOfCode #IoT #flutter #javascript #Serverless #CyberSecurity #tech #DDoS #DeepLearning #COVID19 #data #RPA #IIoT #5G #NLP
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Electric cars in Europe are three times cleaner than gasoline equivalents
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Super excited to be working with @fsprei @PatrickPlotz and @VTTFinland colleagues on the new EU Horizon 2020 STORM project, aiming to facilitate the electrification of #freight #transport by building a toolbox of innovative data analysis and modeling tools. Apply today! #bigdata https://twitter.com/fsprei/status/1309406387429158919
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3 customer-focused strategies that helped the EU’s public transport withstand the pandemic
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#Future of #Mobility! #RealTime data on the #road from @Hana_ElSayyed#futureofwork #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #innovation #BigData #DigitalTransformation #Tech #Transport #MachineLearning #Robotics #Digital @Nicochan33 @JeroenBartelse @Fabriziobustama @ShiCooks @GeorgeWillems1 https://twitter.com/hana_elsayyed/status/1299983186454286336
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StreetLight Data raises $15m to transform transportation analytics. #Transport #Traffic #Analytics #BigData @StreetLightData https://highways.today/2020/08/07/streetlight-data-transportation-analytics/
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(1) "Profiling tourists’ use of public transport through smart travel card data" has been accepted in Journal of Transport Geography @Transport_ELS #publictransport #BigData #Tourism In coauthorship with @ToniDomenech4 @benizar81 @MiravetArnau @gratetURV @ECO_SOS_URV @cienciaURV https://t.co/VssFdiN2s5
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Are you a #BigData #startup in the Smart Cities & Transport sector? Join @edincubator and solve a challenge for @emtvalencia or @ClubRACC! Gain up to €100K + tailored mentoring + work with major corporates & solve real data challenges ‍ Apply NOW http://bit.ly/2QsJz0r https://t.co/7sbNAU58i4
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US Transportation Dept. Says Blockchain Could Bring More Trust to Commercial Drones
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#DataScience is being applied in various industries. Industries making use of it include: #banking #finance #manufacturing #transport #ecommerce #education etc. Join our Data Science class and get yourself ready for the #futureofwork 07060545018 rise@risenetworks.org https://t.co/shOpuGOPq4