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Unlocking AI’s potential: Insights from Citi, NewYork-Presbyterian and Microsoft execs on Feb. 29
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In death, one cancer patient helps to erase millions in medical debt
@techcrunch.com 8 months ago
Allara, a telehealth platform for women with chronic hormonal conditions, raises $10M Series A
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Researchers’ app could help people with visual impairments navigate the NYC subway
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When healthcare is decided by algorithms, who wins?
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The Netflix docuseries Emergency: NYC will give you a new appreciation for first responders
@eff.org 1 year ago
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back on Vaccine Privacy in New York
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Scientists revived organ cells in dead pigs
@eff.org 2 years ago
Victory! New York’s Vaccine Privacy Bill Heads to Governor’s Desk
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New York Becomes The First State To Pass A ‘Right To Repair’ Law
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Investors in gun-detection tech tested at NYC City Hall donated to mayor's PAC
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Apple TV+ will detail the life of Michael J. Fox in ‘nonfiction feature film’ currently in production
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New York Times Editors Still Don’t Understand How Twitter Or The Internet Work
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Patient dies two months after groundbreaking pig heart transplant
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NYC private COVID-19 vaccine mandate sets precedent for rest of US
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Johns Hopkins to lead first federally-funded psychedelic study in decades
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New York leads big coalition asking FDA to ban most vape liquid flavors
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Our MBA program helped Paxton Maeder-York (MBA 2019) pursue his interests at the intersection of #medicine and #technology and become the Founder and CEO of Alife Health, which uses #machinelearning to assess the healthiest embryo to transfer during #IVF: https://hbs.me/3bT5RSs https://t.co/n6BcOwoLsP
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IT giant CSC coughs up $2m after helping New York City bill Medicaid for child therapy rather than insurance cos
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Telehealth got a huge boost from COVID-19. Now what?
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A common heartburn medicine might work against coronavirus
Streaming test
Radio Corona, Apr 9: Craig Spencer on New York City’s covid-19 wards
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Headspace offers free mindfulness exercises to help with stress
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Thousands of N95 masks confiscated from price gougers sent to coronavirus frontlines - CNET
@WIRED 4 years ago
Craig Spencer, Director of Global Health in Emergency Medicine, New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center: “You’re notified of another really sick patient coming in. You rush over. They’re also extremely sick, vomiting. They need to be put on life support ...” 8/ https://t.co/Ic9S5iLVDQ
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Here’s How New York City Will Split Ventilators to Treat Covid-19
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Elon Musk plans to reopen New York gigafactory to produce ventilators
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New Blood Test Could Reveal True Scale of COVID-19 Pandemic
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SRF recently conducted a talk on "The New Era of #Research: Data Science in Health" by Dr. Rumi Chunara-renowned #datascientist and Assistant Professor at New York University. She spoke about the need for #data driven decision making and #deeplearning in #medicine. #datascience https://t.co/Sda3WbsOpg
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✍@HubBucket Inc | New York, NY Our #Healthcare and #Medical #Technology is integrated with: #ArtificialIntelligence - #AI #CognitiveComputing #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #NLP/#NLProc, #NLU / #NMT #ComputerVision #Algorithms / #Models ️https://hubbucket.xyz https://t.co/McjTQFcZ2o
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Heart doctor sues for patent infringement over lifesaving Apple Watch feature
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New York doctor sues Apple over irregular heartbeat detection
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NYC city council votes to ban non-tobacco flavored e-cigarettes
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NY Attorney General sues Juul for deceptive marketing
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Sam Darnold’s Bizarre Medical Maladies Just Keep Getting Weirder
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Qantas completes record 19-hour flight to test limits of air travel
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New York state bans sales of flavored e-cigarettes
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NYC Fire Department loses hard drive with medical records and SSNs
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NYU researchers made mice smarter by manipulating their brainwaves with light
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The tech elite athletes use
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Tackling the $190 billion physical therapy market, Sword Health raises $8 million from Khosla Ventures
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Can you trust "deep learning" models to make "medical decisions"? Join me at #TheAIConf in New York City on April 18 to hear more about "Interpretable Deep Learning in Healthcare". #AI #MachineLearning #Medicine #Healthcare
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Biolinq Adds $4.75M to Advance Glucose Monitoring Biosensor Patch
@techcrunch.com 5 years ago
Medivis has launched its augmented reality platform for surgical planning
@abcnews.go.com 5 years ago
HQ Trivia, Vine app co-founder Kroll died of drug overdose
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⚡️@HubSparks designs and develops #BigData applications for: ✔️#Healthcare ✔️#HealthIT ✔️#MedTech ✔️#Medical Research ✔️#Genomics ✔️#Bioscience ✔️#RenewableEnergy VonVictor Valentino @Rosenchild Founder, Chairman, President and CEO @HubBucket Inc. | New York, NY https://t.co/ja3s28kKrW
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Online symptom checker K Health raises $12.5 million, launches in New York City