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Study finds your grandma was right about honey for colds after all
@xconomy.com 5 months ago
CereVasc Lands $44M for New Medical Device to Drain “Water on the Brain”
@WIRED 5 months ago
Protests can be long and police across the country have acted with unnecessary force against protestors. Here's a few gear reminders of what to bring with you to help keep you safe, things like a high-protein snacks, water, cash, and a medical information card. 3/ https://t.co/lL1pYXodFy
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Coronavirus Tips and Supplies Guide: What to Buy (and Avoid) in Case of Quarantine
Cubans launching sonic attacks on US embassy? Not what we're hearing, say medical boffins
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Floating LED art illustrates the quality of NYC's water
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Canadian startup Sweet Reason as sparkling spin on CBD beverages
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Doctors blame tap water in neti pot for brain-eating amoeba
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Save me, water-powered eye massager
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30Ventures Seeks $15M to Fund Startups in Healthcare, Water Tech
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Uber executive could face criminal charges over handling of rape victim’s records, experts say
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How blockchains could save us from another Flint-like contamination crisis
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Nearly invisible gel-like robots move fast enough to catch fish underwater
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Experimental “stretchy” optical fibers could warn about disease early
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Alexa now talks to General Electric appliances
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Chelsea Manning begins hunger strike: 'I need help'
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In Colorado, marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient may have made it into the water supply
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This water-based bandage can deliver medicine to your wounds & sense temp changes #wearableshttp://shout.lt/bmcbK https://t.co/xt4MygRqsU
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One year later, there’s some great news about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. (via GOOD)
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The FDA has approved the first drug designed using 3D-printing technology
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Playing Moby-Dick - the card game?