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Fake docs rock real docs: Ex-Wall St guy accused of conning medics out of £27m for bogus cryptocurrency fund using faked paperwork
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SF tech biz forks out $146m in fines, settlements after painkiller makers bribed it to design medical software that pushed opioids to patients
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Say GDP-aaaR: UK's Information Commissioner pours £275k fine into London pharmacy's teaspoon
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Medical biz LifeLabs fesses up: Hackers slurped 15 million customer records – and we paid them to hand it all back
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Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data
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Revealed: NHS England bosses meet tech, pharma giants to discuss price list of 65 million Brits' medical data
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It's 2019 so, of course, there's alleged ad fraud to the tune of $1bn in tech pushed to doctors
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Cubans launching sonic attacks on US embassy? Not what we're hearing, say medical boffins
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Medic! Uncle Sam warns hospitals not to use outdated IPnet freely on their networks
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Seriously, this sh!t again? 24m medical records, 700m+ scan pics casually left online
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In the US? Using Medicaid? There's a good chance DXC is about to boot your data into the AWS cloud
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Surrey Uni boffins take us a step closer to the cyberpunk future with cell-scanning nanotech
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Spin the wheel and find today's leaky cloud DB... *clack clack... clack* A huge trove of medical malpractice complaints
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Delicious irony: Hacked medical debt collector AMCA files for bankruptcy protection from debt collectors
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You. Quest and LabCorp. Explain these medical database super-hacks, say US senators as 425,000 more people hit
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Bloody awful: Hell-thcare hackers break into databases of 20m medical test biz patients
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Big Red's legal woes deepen - sued (again) for age and medical discrimination
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Boffins bring home the bacon as AI-powered robo-medic performs heart surgery on pigs
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'Sharing of user data is routine, yet far from transparent' is probably what you don't want to hear about medical apps. But 2019 is gonna 2019