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New York Times Editors Still Don’t Understand How Twitter Or The Internet Work
@theverge.com 9 months ago
Twitter and Google blocked ads from a medical journal about health and racism
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Not How Any Of This Works: Pandemic's Wrongest Man Sues Twitter For Kicking Him Off The Platform
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Medical Q&A platform Ask The Doctor files lawsuit against Shiba Inu, engages war of words on Twitter
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Will NFTs Kill Traditional Art? Famed Collector Cozomo de’ Medici Makes The Case
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Snoop Dogg Reveals Rapper Is a Crypto Whale With Millions of Dollars in NFTs
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Naturopath Sues Twitter After It Bans Her Account For Spreading Medical Misinformation
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India ordered Facebook and Twitter to remove posts criticizing its poor handling of the pandemic
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Elon Musk makes bold promises about Neuralink interface
@TechRadar 1 year ago
Razer Hazel Demo and Project Brooklyn | CES 2021
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Twitter clumsily fact-checks '5G corona' tweets
@thenextweb.com 2 years ago
Apple is making million face shields per week to help health workers
@9to5mac.com 2 years ago
Tim Cook: Apple shipping custom face shields to medical workers as mask donations cross 20M
@9to5mac.com 2 years ago
Tim Cook says Apple has sourced and donated 10M masks to US medical workers
@macrumors.com 2 years ago
Apple Pledges Substantial Donation With Medical Supplies to Italy's First Responders and Medical Personnel
@9to5mac.com 2 years ago
Tim Cook says Apple making ‘substantial donation’ including medical supplies to Italy amid COVID-19
@ccn.com 2 years ago
Is Socialized Healthcare Causing Italy’s High Coronavirus Death Rate?
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A look ahead at blockchain’s next decade
@Primary_Immune 3 years ago
I have access to ~98% of medical journals. If anyone ever needs a paywalled article, shoot me a Twitter DM, I'll be happy to oblige. #IoT #ITRTG #BigData #SciComm #RareDiseases #OpenScience
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In healthcare these days, ‘There’s an app for that’… unless you really need it
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Risks and rewards of digital therapeutics in treating mental disorders
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Twitter will direct vaccine-related searches to 'a credible' source
@DrLukeOR 3 years ago
Twitter book club to discuss Deep Medicine by @EricTopol will be starting in half an hour! Look for hashtags #deepmedicine and #pennradbook, and join the discussion. Even if you haven't read the book, there will be lots to discuss for #doctors and #machinelearning folks alike! https://t.co/asez1Q8lmC
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California moves toward healthcare for more, not yet healthcare for all
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Russian trolls played 'both sides' on vaccine arguments
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Patterns, Predictability, and the Rise of Donald Trump 
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Researchers develop unsupervised AI to spot illegal drug sales on Twitter
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Check out this medical device powered by a Game Boy Advance
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Apple iPhone 8's wireless charging may be late for launch, report says
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Twitter to livestream part of the PGA Tour because Ambien is expensive
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Someone tweeted a seizure-inducing animation at a Vanity Fair editor with epilepsy
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Top hashtags from the Twitter conversations focused on #SCEWC16 via @Atos #IoT#Tech#innovation#bigdata… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/798495098501758977
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RT @Noahpinion: Pee is Twitter for dogs.
@TroyBramston 6 years ago
Boycott #census + keep using Twitter, Facebook, eBay, Instagram, gambling, Amazon, banking, takeaway, Medicare, movies, music, apps #BigData
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An Ohio clinic is the latest in a long series of health care breaches
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Overwatch’s Twitter teases first new character: a sniper-medic
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Editas biotech stock drops by 26% over CRISPR patent dispute
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Moaning about medicine on Twitter? How those tweets could help scientists - http://klou.tt/if98m5gmm8z7 #BigData
@craigbrownphd 7 years ago
Moaning about medicine on Twitter? How those tweets could help scientists: Using deep-lea... http://bit.ly/1MoPu07 #BigData #Analytics
@mathewi 7 years ago
RT @loisbeckett: Amazing: @charlesornstein rallying doctors on Twitter to explain why @mcuban's medical advice is wrong.
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Flow Kana brings social to the medical pot economy
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UCSF’s CareWeb is a social network for patient care, and Salesforce likes it — a lot
@gigaom.com 8 years ago
57-year-old claims Twitter fired him over age and disability, files lawsuit