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Now that Dr. Fauci can say what he wants under Biden, he just unloaded on Trump
What’s next for Trump? Ten days of isolation or the campaign trail?
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The best sign yet that a second round of $1,200 checks could be coming soon
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Trump is making people lose their minds over his behavior this weekend at Walter Reed
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Donald Trump headed to hospital 'out of caution' after testing positive for COVID-19 - CNET
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Donald Trump and Melania Trump both test positive for COVID-19 - CNET
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Former FDA chief says this is the best coronavirus medicine Trump can get right now
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Atheists trump the religious when it comes to sleep quality
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No, You Don't Need to See President Trump's Medical Records
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Ventec and GM, 2 months later: How a startup took on the ventilator shortage, and where it stands now
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Hydroxychloroquine linked to higher risk of death in coronavirus patients
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Don’t Let Trump, Or Any Politician, Dictate Your COVID-19 Response
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Trump’s ‘disinfectant injections’ idea comes straight from internet conspiracy theories
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FDA issues blunt malaria drug warning after deaths in coronavirus trial
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Coronavirus Could Force Donald Trump to Admit Obama Was Right
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Coronavirus Kills Medics Wearing Trash Bags as Trump Screams ‘Congratulations AMERICA’
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A man just killed himself trying to prevent coronavirus infection
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Man who self-medicated with unproven coronavirus drug dies in Arizona - CNET
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Coronavirus updates: Wuhan reports first day with zero new cases - CNET
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Coronavirus updates: Americans asked to postpone elective medical procedures as virus hits all 50 states - CNET
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The Misinformation About Coronavirus Coming From the White House Must Cease
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Juul hires former tobacco exec as CEO and ceases all US marketing
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The Trump administration plans to ban flavored e-cigs to curb teen vaping
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White House Floats Canadian Import Plan But Excludes Many Costly Drugs
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Cuba/US scientific cooperation declines under Trump
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Losing “Scalps”? Despite Pharma Fear, A Split on Trump Rx-Price Plans
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From Immigration to Taxes, Execs Talk Trump Effect on Innovation
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Renewed battle over using fetal tissue in medical research
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Trump Plan Ties Medicare Drug Prices to Cheaper Foreign Ones
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Trump Pledges Lower Drug Prices, But Blueprint Is Short on Details
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Trump administration approves 10 new drone projects around the country
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Patterns, Predictability, and the Rise of Donald Trump 
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The rise of the printed tweet in American politics
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RT @peterlattman: "It's a hallucination." Two minutes of David Remnick on how we're already normalizing the Trump presidency. https://t.co/M9VgrbnPLG
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RT @robdelaney: .@realDonaldTrump Can I pitch shows to Trump TV yet? How about a game show where you make (hot) chicks in wheelchairs fight for medicine?
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RT @lisang: Trump meltdown hitting hot zone. Full meltdown shortly.
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Clinton: Point by point response on details of Obamacare. Trump: "We're going to have the best health care, it's going to be so great"
@mathewi 4 years ago
RT @Anthony: The Trump PTSD story is manufactured controversy. There are plenty of things to nail Trump over. This isn’t one of them.
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RT @tvkatesnow: JUST IN @GovHowardDean stands by cocaine tweet & says Trump needs to answer charge, no apology @MSNBChttps://t.co/V7HfQtfXTy
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RT @collision: Donald Trump is like a Milgram experiment on Republican Party leaders.
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RT @cyberprefixer: Dr Oz to cyberinterview Donald Trump on his cyberhealth
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RT @onlxn: TRUMP: A question for immigrants from Ben Carson: "draw a perfect circle."RYAN:TRUMP: He crossed that out & wrote "draw a cerfect pircle"
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RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: This is nuts, Trump is being outspent by Jill Stein on TV ads: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/team-clinton-now-outspending-trump-ads-52-million-0-n626236 https://t.co/w05o9eMAPc
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RT @jbarro: Jill Stein, like Donald Trump, believes a bunch of nonsense about vaccines because of course she does. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/07/29/jill-stein-on-vaccines-people-have-real-questions/
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RT @stuartpstevens: Did a real doctor write this Trump report? That's some medical research he put into it. https://twitter.com/davidfrum/status/676604087090065408
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Donald Trump given perfect bill of health by a ghost
@mathewi 5 years ago
RT @netw3rk: Greetings,I am Ronald Shrump, a doctor of medicine for many years. My client Donald Trump is in a state of health I would call "classy"