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Congratulations to Dr Anna Hake on successfully defending her PhD dissertation titled ‘Predicting and analyzing HIV-1 adaptation to broadly neutralizing antibodies and the host immune system using #MachineLearning’ today in #Saarbrücken! #PhDone #MedicalInformatics https://t.co/mf9nBY4PUK
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Don't miss our #BioIT20 presentation tomorrow, titled "Medical Imaging R&D Workflow and Automation Incorporation in Life Science Digital Transformation" #datamanagement #bioinformatics #medicalimaging #AI #machinelearning #digitaltransformation https://t.co/rkoEmXX2HK
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Paper alert‼️ Our paper titled #MachineLearning Assisted Citation Screening for Systematic Reviews” by @AsciiRandom has been published in @IOSPress_STM Digital Personalized Health & Medicine. @EFMI Paper here: http://ebooks.iospress.nl/publication/54173 #NLProc #womenintech #evidencebasedmedicine https://t.co/nPcDo8yU8H
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Presentation by @jennyciganic at #AHSR2019 titled “Using #MachineLearning to Predict Risk of Incident #OpioidUseDisorder among Fee-for- Service #Medicare Beneficiaries" @UFPharmacy @UFCoDES https://t.co/m8WMmBrIAb
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Project Interlinking Blockchain and Genomics Raises $824k Ahead of ICO Closure
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FDA issues new security guidelines so that your pacemaker won’t get hacked
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The Last Job on Earth is a stylish animated short about our complicated near-future
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The Time Is Now To Go All In On ‘Moonshot’ Medicine