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Dr. Fauci says once you get your COVID vaccine, it’s safe to go mask-free around these people
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All iPhones, not just the latest ones, can cause magnetic interference with medical devices
@idownloadblog.com 1 month ago
Apple shares new advice for iPhone 12 users with implanted medical devices
@mashable.com 1 month ago
Apple warns iPhone 12, MagSafe users with medical implants to keep a safe distance
@cnet.com 2 months ago
COVID-19 vaccines are safe, even with long-term data lacking - CNET
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NASA doctor shares crucial tips to keep you safe from COVID-19
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Study linking any caffeine level to pregnancy risk stirs up controversy
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Are you safe from the coronavirus at a swimming pool?
@WIRED 8 months ago
Protests can be long and police across the country have acted with unnecessary force against protestors. Here's a few gear reminders of what to bring with you to help keep you safe, things like a high-protein snacks, water, cash, and a medical information card. 3/ https://t.co/lL1pYXodFy
A trial is under way of the first new antibody medicine developed to treat covid-19
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CVS is testing driverless vehicles in Houston for safe, socially distanced medical deliveries
@eff.org 10 months ago
Telling Police Where People With COVID-19 Live Erodes Public Health
@engadget.com 10 months ago
Self-driving shuttles are ferrying COVID-19 tests at a Florida clinic
@theregister.co.uk 11 months ago
Looming ventilator shortage amid pandemic sparks rise of open-source DIY medical kit. Good thinking – but safe?
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Floating LED art illustrates the quality of NYC's water
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FDA criticizes Juul for telling students its e-cigs are ‘totally safe’
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How safe are school records? Not very, says student security researcher
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These aging-in-place apps empower seniors to be safe, save money and get medical care - CNET
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FDA warns that ‘Big Penis’ supplement works a little too well
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Antibiotics found in rivers at up to 300 times over ‘safe’ levels
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Comcast is working on a health-focused motion sensor (updated)
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The future of cybersecurity: Your body as a hacker-proof network
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How Can We Be Sure #ArtificialIntelligence Is Safe For #Medical Use? https://buff.ly/2GmfvyM @NPR @rrichardh #fintech #insurtech #healthcare #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #robotics https://t.co/16HrV6zZCK
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Safe alcohol limits just got torn up: Here’s the new advice
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Scientists Turn Wasp Venom Into Potentially Groundbreaking Antibiotic
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Epic Working to Help Patients Keep Their Health Data in Safe Hands
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FDA says unapproved 'designer vagina' treatments are dangerous
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Facebook teams up with Lyft and others for crisis response efforts
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Financial Inclusion & Cryptocurrency: Why We Need an AML/KYC Safe Harbor
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In the era of #bigdata, a phylogenetic approach can inform new leads, & the sustainable & safe use of medicinal plants: Nina Ronsted #sotwp
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Researchers make a spinach leaf pump like a human heart
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This innovative device dispenses life-saving medicine through breast milk
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How @Atos uses #bigdata #analytics & social media by creating the @ictcitypulse project to keep the streets safe… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/785159445387087872
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The black box warning along with institutional skittishness related to weight-loss medication means Novo Nordisk wants to push extra hard to get doctors ...
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Watch: Video game medicine is not very safe
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World's first malaria vaccine gets green light from European regulatory agency
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An experimental Ebola vaccine looks promising in a human trial