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5 medical dramas to watch after you finish The Resident on Netflix
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Healthcare org with over 100 clinics uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to write medical records
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Inspirational talk @ICULone about #maternalmorbidity - inclusive research, MDT, medical student (J Masterton) #bigdata. So important to think about longer term outcomes - obs patients recover physiologically quickly but more vulnerable to chronic morbidity #OAA23ASM @awisedoctor https://t.co/4kzRNWeGhg
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Gepek leverages the power of the sharing economy for same-day deliveries
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The fall of Roe v. Wade shows how little control patients have over medical records
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Hyfe combines tech and medicine to help users identify troubling coughs
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CDC says COVID-19 variant Omicron is already dominant in the US
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Storz & Bickle new Mighty+ vape features faster heating, USB-C and UL certification
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A new smart helmet can determine stroke severity and type
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MIT microscopy technique improves deep-tissue imaging
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Via @Coursera: "AI for #Medicine Specialization." https://coursera.org/specializations/ai-for-medicine In today's #KnowledgeEconomy, things move quickly. #MOOC's share high quality, 𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗹-𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲 information. Here's how #AI is transforming medicine. #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #BigData
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Despite all the advances in medicine, chest X-Rays are still the most common imaging for diagnostics. We have developed AI technologies to faster analyze XRays and flag pathologies quickly and accurately. ~ Kabir Mahajan speaking #AIinAfrica #AICERoundtable #MachineLearning https://t.co/8zvGdJ2ECH
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CDC warns new COVID-19 variant is in US and spreading fast
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Stop taking these OTC medicines before getting a coronavirus vaccine
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Sleeping brain analysis quickly reveals which antidepressants work
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UK tests use of drone to deliver supplies to hospitals
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Apple Watch and iPhone can automatically send vital Medical ID info to first responders in iOS 13.5
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Google admits its diabetic blindness AI fell short in real-life tests
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Amazon is using thermal cameras to screen warehouse workers for COVID-19
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Manufacturers Refuse To Allow Hospitals To Fix Ventilators That Are The Last Hope For Many COVID-19 Patients
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MIT is working on a way to track COVID-19 while protecting privacy
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3D printing body parts is close — but it needs proper regulation
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Amazon debuts automatic speech recognition service, Amazon Transcribe Medical
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The best medical information apps for iPhone and iPad
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Tiny vibration-powered robots could repair your body from the inside
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Apple Watch ECG is coming to Canada 'as quickly as possible'
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Digital health investors are missing out on a big opportunity to bring healthtech to public schools
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UPS launches a drone 'airline' to deliver medical samples
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We can save money and lives if we use more #supercomputers in medicine, transport or energy. But we need to have more powerful machines in Europe to process large amounts of data quickly & accurately. http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #HPC #BigData #EuroHPC #EUBudget https://t.co/1k3LXcFJzM
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Medical care scheduling startup Doctolib acquires MonDocteur
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Europe has a major deficit in high performance #computing. The ability to quickly analyze #bigdata will directly impact the results of industry, research or medicine. That's why we need to increase investments in #supercomputing http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #EUBudget #euroHPC #HPC https://t.co/ywpk1wJlLz
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Reverie Labs uses new machine learning algorithms to fix drug development bottlenecks
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#MachineLearning techniques show promise for supporting medical decisions: By quickly assessing risk, new algorithms may help triage patients and inform clinical decisions https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/02/180228085357.htm
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4 ways AI could help shape the future of medicine
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Your smartphone could help power future cancer cures
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VR in healthcare: 3 developments pushing boundaries in 2017
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$40 keychain-size detector quickly alerts you of allergens in food
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Kony Helps Loop Rapidly Deliver New App That Connects Healthcare Providers With Patients and Their Family Members
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The internet is finally getting a high-speed internet lane for emergency situations
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A wristband with your medical records could be a life-saver in emergencies
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Learning from the past and molding the future of technology: a conversation with John Sculley
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Femtosecond electron-diffraction beam can produce x-ray movies
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"When we launched, we were a 'cannabis news organization.' That quickly changed." http://www.niemanlab.org/2016/11/as-opinions-shift-a-new-wave-of-cannabis-focused-sites-hopes-more-advertisers-will-loosen-their-pockets/
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Turn a DJI Phantom 4 into a search & rescue drone with the Exo 1 exoskeleton
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Cannabis Industry Quickly Fills Data Gaps http://ow.ly/rEyI301KHQY GR8 read! #BigData #Analytics #DataScience #Marijuana
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‘Gene drive’ breakthrough creates weaponized mosquito extinction strain
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Cognoa Promises Worried Parents Faster Answers
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How an iPhone changed a paralyzed veteran's life