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Painting a better picture of health: From faster delivery times to more accurate diagnoses, AI-powered medical imaging is revolutionising the future of our global healthcare system [Advertorial]
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Withings has a new smart scale that can help diabetes patients monitor their illness
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FDA approves Owlet’s baby-monitoring sock two years after halting sales
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New issue out NOW! Covering precision medicine for type 2 #diabetes; #DeepLearning to monitor neonatal cortical activity; using electronic health records for #DataScience; #bias and inequity in #wearables; and more! https://bit.ly/2XTPpJq https://t.co/PFHv5mrmvh
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Apple plans to add features to the iPhone health app this year
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eHealth Monitor 2021 http://www.mwv-berlin.de/produkte/!/title/ehealth-monitor-2021/id/805 #healthcare #AI #MachineLearning #Analytics #BigData #DataScience #Linux #Serverless #IoT #flutter #EmergingTech #NLP #EHR #EMR #Medical #DigitalHealth #patient #policies #COVID19 #pandemic #Govt #McKinsey #eHealth @sonu_monika
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GraphWear closes $20.5M Series B for a needle-free, nanotech-powered glucose monitor
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Soft wearable skin patch monitors blood flow inside the body
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Researchers create a material able to sense and monitor changes
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Create your own wearable medical device to monitor heart rate and help detect falls using the @AWS IoT Core and our AVR-IoT WA. Read the @Hacksterio post to learn how: https://mchp.us/30U4Q80. Learn about our AVR-IoT WA: http://mchp.us/3qYii54. #machinelearning #microchipml #iot https://t.co/m3aFjlR9aG
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Injectable wireless chip to monitor body processes invented at Columbia University
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The curation problem: Apple blocked a fetal hart-beat monitor on advice from its medical team, but also a Huawei app for being a shopfront for a competitor (?) https://t.co/9LpkSIPABs
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Apple surveys Apple Watch users on health features, mentions glucose monitoring
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Proctoring Tools and Dragnet Investigations Rob Students of Due Process
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Create a wearable medical device to monitor heart rate and help detect falls using the @AWS IoT Core and our AVR-IoT WA. Read this @Hacksterio post to learn how: http://mchp.us/30U4Q80. Learn about our AVR-IoT WA: http://mchp.us/3qYii54. #machinelearning #microchipml #iot https://t.co/7EglCECgDw
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#Machinelearning can monitor and predict the progression of multiple sclerosis via @NewsMedical cc @enricomolinari #medtech #healthtech #AI #artificialintelligende #technology #medicine #ML #DL #deeplearning http://ow.ly/PIFs50EaU6g
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Researchers devise a way for smart speakers to monitor heart rhythm
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HealthyU's 7 lead ECG makes it easier to monitor patients remotely - CNET
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Why Apple needed the FDA to sign off on its EKG but not its blood oxygen monitor
@engadget.com 3 years ago
Samsung's newest watches can now take ECG readings in the US
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Apple Watch’s blood oxygen monitor is for ‘wellness,’ not medicine
Covid-19 spurs collaboration in telehealth
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Digital pharmacy service Pillway launches in Canada
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Google and Mount Sinai use Nest Cams to remotely monitor COVID-19 patients
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Smart Band-Aid tracks your coronavirus symptoms
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Withings Sleep Analyzer updated with new sleep apnea detection
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Stanford smart toilet monitors users for signs of disease
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Temporary FDA policy helps doctors monitor COVID-19 patients at home
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How Wikipedia Prevents the Spread of Coronavirus Misinformation
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The Mateo bath mat can monitor your weight, posture and even your shoe size
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FDA clears an interoperable, automated insulin pump
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Withings Connect review: Easy blood pressure monitoring
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Kyocera unveils world’s first gyro-based portable carbohydrate monitor
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With a new $20 million in funding, electronic stethoscope startup Eko wants to research your beating heart
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Squishy Rubik's Cube could help patients monitor their health
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Apple starts selling diabetes monitors in its stores
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Bardy Diagnostics to Ramp Up Cardiac Monitor Sales With $35M Raise
@geekwire.com 5 years ago
Seattle-based heart monitor maker Bardy Diagnostics raises $35.5M
@slashgear.com 5 years ago
Apple Watch 4 ECG is already saving lives in Europe
@slashgear.com 5 years ago
ID-Cap System uses tiny ingestible pill sensors to monitor patients
@slashgear.com 5 years ago
Apple Watch 4 ECG app now available in Europe and Hong Kong
@engadget.com 5 years ago
DFree helps the incontinent heed the call of nature
@WIRED 5 years ago
Hello Samsung Bot. This robot can monitor your sleep (and give you a report on it), take your blood pressure and heart rate and remind you to take medicine. It’s made to be a companion that can be programmed remotely by caregivers or family https://wired.trib.al/KSkIgGV #CES #CES2019 https://t.co/7rOCO9ROSN
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Researchers develop a painless glucose monitor for diabetics
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HeartGuide is a discreet blood pressure monitor in a smartwatch
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Check out this ultra thin graphene ink tattoo which also doubles as a health monitor! ⌚ #HealthTech #IoT #BigData #DataAnalytics #Wearables #Health #HealthCare #Robots #Robotics #EmergingTech #AI #roboticsurgery #mHealth #medicaltech #hospitals https://t.co/nlVsaKZZ02
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Noonlight’s updated app calls emergency services when you suffer a car crash
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Mira's AI-powered fertility monitor is now available for purchase