@theregister.com 8 months ago
Meta decides to Just Say No to Oversight Board requests and allow paid posts for ketamine
@venturebeat.com 9 months ago
Meta recreates mental imagery from brain scans using AI
@venturebeat.com 9 months ago
Meta can now read minds and recreate your mental imagery with Image Decoder
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Meta-provided Facebook chats led a woman to plead guilty to abortion-related charges
@engadget.com 1 year ago
Meta faces lawsuit for allegedly collecting patient health data without consent
@theverge.com 1 year ago
Meta sued for violating patient privacy with data tracking tool
@techdirt.com 2 years ago
Senators Klobuchar And Warren Are Mad That Meta Is Taking Down Abortion Posts; If They Were Serious, They’d Protect Section 230
@engadget.com 2 years ago
Meta admits to ‘incorrect’ moderation of posts about abortion pills
@theregister.com 2 years ago
US lawsuit alleges tool used by hospitals shares patient data with Meta
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Google, Apple, Meta and others call on Texas to drop anti-trans legislation
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Researchers create a material able to sense and monitor changes
@MayankVatsa3 3 years ago
Organizing #AAAI2021 Workshop on Meta-Learning for Computer Vision jointly with @RichaSingh26, Nalini Ratha, and Vishal Patel. Web: http://iab-rubric.org/mel4cv/ #computervision #deeplearning #artificialintelligence #facerecognition #biometrics #ai #machinelearning #medicalimaging
@GlobalGoalsAI 3 years ago
On day 4 of #OxML2020 we had a number inspiring and impactful lectures by Professor Mihaela van der Schaar on #MachineLearning/#medicine, the importance of interpretability, causal ML, and meta-learning. Another amazing day, with 300+ engaged audience. https://t.co/ZRhoGYRv6M
@AriErcole 4 years ago
Comprehensive meta-analysis from @ESICM data science in Intensive Care Medicine: #MachineLearning can predict sepsis with AUC between 0.68–0.99 (ICU), 0.96–0.98 (hospital) and 0.87-0.97 (ED) But only 3 clinical implementations #TranslationGap https://doi.org/10.1007/s00134-019-05872-y https://t.co/HX9Gln3pAY
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Smoking fathers increase heart defect risk in newborns
@gp_pulipaka 7 years ago
Risk Factors for Suicides: A Meta-Analysis of 50 Years of #Research. #BigData #MachineLearning #DataScience #AI… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/805508480840908800
@mathewi 7 years ago
RT @kreissdaniel: For ppl concerned abt fake news and filter bubbles, start here with Prior's meta analysis on media and polarization: https://t.co/H1H6ldgjW1
@pmarca 7 years ago
So it turns not that not only can't you trust much published research, you can't trust many meta-analyses either. http://retractionwatch.com/2016/09/13/we-have-an-epidemic-of-deeply-flawed-meta-analyses-says-john-ioannidis/
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Effect-Size Calculation for Meta-Analysis in R #rstats https://wp.me/pMm6L-ARF #rstats #DataScience
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The Game of Game of Thrones: our season six preview and truly confounding draft results