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Winning Trust for a Vaccine Means Confronting Medical Racism
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What Poetry Means for Doctors and Patients During a Pandemic
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Here’s how hospitals are keeping up emergency services during COVID-19
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Scientists cured diabetes in mice, but are humans next?
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This laser aid helps Parkinson's patients maintain their mobility
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More #EpsteinSuicide revelations, this time regarding other superspies he associated with. Looks like socialized medicine big data in the UK is being used as a means for establishing #MedicalTyranny through #BigData & international Zionist money laundering https://vocal.media/theSwamp/the-epstein-associate-nobody-s-talking-about-the-idf-linked-bond-girl-infiltrating-the-uk-nhs
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BenevolentAI starts AI collaboration with AstraZeneca to accelerate drug discovery
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This Thursday, @cathycoomber and @HaslamNiall join the #AI track at @beltech2019 to discuss the use of #MachineLearning in #MedicalImaging, and what it means for patients. Don't miss 'Patient Data Made Real: Applying Machine Learning to Medical Imaging'! #Beltech19 https://t.co/KwTO3ubn5R
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It was awesome to meet with @traependergrast today! An incoming med student already hitting the ground running at the intersection of #criticalCareMedicine and #bigData? Our generation is redefining what it means to be a medical trainee and I’m here for it! #MedStudentTwitter
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How AI could improve the quality of end-of-life care
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Overstock.com Invests In Blockchain-based ‘Trust Economy’
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What putting medical records on an Apple Watch means for your privacy
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No power in Puerto Rico means no refrigeration for medicine. People with chronic illness will suffer without help.
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SimplyVital Health Pioneers Blockchain Healthcare Ecosystem
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Drones carrying blood could be the future of rural medicine
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$40 keychain-size detector quickly alerts you of allergens in food
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AI is changing the way medical technicians work
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Matternet cleared to fly blood samples in delivery drones over Swiss cities
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Gene therapy: What personalized medicine means for you #AI #machinelearning #deeplearning #ML #DL #healthcare… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/844738760843689984
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Panasonic’s new image sensor technology will improve night vision in cars
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Like all @elonmusk assertions one needs to parse them to really understand what he means - cyborg: human intelligen… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/831348074689605632
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RT @Green_Footballs: The new Secretary of Health and Human Services is a member of a fringe medical organization. Here’s what that means. https://t.co/xGcE73DKos
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This new drug promises fewer days a month with migraines
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Brain.fm’s neurologist-approved audio tracks will take your productivity to new heights (80% off)
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Tardigrade DNA inserted into human cells gives them X-ray resistance
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In mice, a possible means to counteract multiple sclerosis
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What the Fitbit lawsuit means for clinical researchers
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NextHealth raises $8.5M from Norwest to drive down medical costs
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Here’s the 18th batch of companies from 500 Startups
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How Just Cause 3 added goofy mechs to a silly, explosive game
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What it means to find a “weak spot” in HIV
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The black box warning along with institutional skittishness related to weight-loss medication means Novo Nordisk wants to push extra hard to get doctors ...
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Breakthrough method means CRISPR just got a lot more relevant to human health
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Whill receives FDA approval for the Model M, its new mobility device
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Hospital paid hackers $17,000 to unlock its data, but it could have been a lot worse
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What big data means for patients - learn more at http://www.iotcentral.stfi.re/blog/big-data-in-medicine-evolution-and-revolution?sf=pjolov#BigData #Health #Medicine
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Alphabet Gets A “V” By Renaming Google Life Sciences To “Verily”
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While scientists do not yet agree on what the "obesity paradox" means for health, most accept the evidence behind it. (via Quartz)
Colorado Monthly Marijuana Sales Top $100,000,000 with No Banking Partners in Sight
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Buzzwords in medicine:"If you want a study to be funded, mention the word #bigdata -nobody knows what it actually means", Cowie #ESCcongress
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Mutations that make bacteria resistant to antibiotics might also make them deadlier
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Organ transplants between HIV-positive patients show promise
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Obama proposes new Precision Medicine Initiative for genetic treatments
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This Cybersecurity Medicine Might Be Tough To Swallow