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Still too soon to try altering human embryo DNA, panel says
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Ditch daylight saving time, urges American Academy of Sleep Medicine - CNET
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Via @BusinessInsider: What is the Internet of Things (#IoT)? https://businessinsider.com/internet-of-things-definition You've heard about it, but what exactly IS "it?" Your PC isn't the only thing connected to the #internet: ✔️Cars ✔️Appliances ✔️Medical Devices +MORE #Data #BigData #AI #ArtificialIntelligence
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Via @WiredUK: What is the Internet of Things (#IoT)? https://wired.co.uk/article/internet-of-things-what-is-explained-iot You've heard about it, but what exactly IS "it?" Your PC isn't the only thing connected to the #internet: -Cars -Appliances -Medical Devices +MORE #MondayMorning #InternetOfThings #Tech #BigData #Data
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Why isn't AI helping us today with COVID-19?
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Hey #DC #rstats #DataScience folks! Did you know that survival analysis isn't just for terminal diseases and mortality? Check out @phillynerd's talk as she explains the broader applications of survival analysis in the medical field. Learn more at http://dc2020.netlify.com/ https://t.co/DgSjg6yJNZ
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Many in medicine feel that #tech and #datascience isn't for them. There is a real dislike and disregard for innovation in our field. I want to change that. #medtwitter
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23andMe lays off 100 workers amid shrinking demand for DNA tests
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Google rushes to explain what it’s doing with all that medical data
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Bio Roundup: Nobel Prizes, Placebo Effect Rises, ICER’s Fire & More
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Do You Want Your Apps to Know About Your Last Doctor's Visit?
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Space medicine isn't just for astronauts. It's for all of us - CNET
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Isn't the camera module beautiful? #robotics #ai #iot #artificialintelligence #hardware #medical #industrial #imaging #3d #facialrecognition #robot #machinevision #automation #machinelearning #deeplearning #vr #ar #vision #computervison #algorithm #embedded #electronics https://t.co/DfLtnmqHNd
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Verizon 5G lab tunes up robots and medical tech heading your way - CNET
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Verizon lab's 5G robots, medical tools show speed is just the start - CNET
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The Morning After: Apple's keyboard apology and Samsung folding
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In Landmark Gene-Editing Study, Sangamo Reports Little Benefit
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You Can Inherit Mitochondrial DNA From Your Father After All
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South Park: The Fractured But Whole review
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Lyft Business partnerships keep growing, but Uber still dominates for business travelers
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Google’s US search results will let people check if they’re depressed
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Apple iPhone 8's wireless charging may be late for launch, report says
@mashable.com 3 years ago
Engineers genetically modified a dragonfly to carry a tiny solar-powered backpack
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HoloLens system uses augmented reality to aid spinal surgery
@WIRED 3 years ago
Just as Snapchat and Instagram and YouTube have influencers, so too does medicine.
@WIRED 3 years ago
Just as Snapchat and Instagram and YouTube have influencers, so too does medicine.
@WIRED 3 years ago
Pure Genius isn't exactly pure genius.
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Researchers find no evidence ‘brain training’ games offset aging, cognitive decline
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RT @LosFelizDaycare: Indica (93 weeks) is already screen-printing "Let Malia Blaze" t-shirts. Zhe isn't selling them but is asking for patchouli donations.
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The BMI scale isn't totally useless. But it's not perfect. (via OZY)
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Dark Matter is a blockbuster read that channels Michael Crichton
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This genetically engineered ‘living robot’ moves with rat heart cells
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Even with the Marketing and Malpractice DLC, Big Pharma just isn't evil enough
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RT @Chronotope: Journalism may not be life-saving medicine; but it isn't beer either. Strategies that make it available to fewer people are bad strategies.
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The evidence that Zika causes fetal brain damage is now 'awfully strong'
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The internet probably isn’t harming kids’ brains, scientists say
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Cur is crowdfunding a medical device that isn't cleared by the FDA, and that's a problem
@BenedictEvans 5 years ago
People understand you can't change physics through an act of will. The same isn't true of economics or medicine.
@WIRED 5 years ago
The problem Apple's ResearchKit hopes to solve is the difficulty in getting big data about disease.
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A drug has tricked mice into burning more calories
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The Ebola epidemic is slowing in Africa, but it's not yet controlled
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Hospitals’ dirty little secret: Caregivers sharing clinical data via personal phones
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Ebola isn't the only public health emergency, British Medical Journal tells WHO