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After investigation, FDA says patient risk is low when it comes to MagSafe and iPhone pacemaker interference
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PS5, Xbox component shortage to be investigated as part of new Biden executive order - CNET
@cnet.com 3 months ago
Biden orders review of supply chain for semiconductors, critical resources - CNET
@cnet.com 3 months ago
Biden to order review of supply chain for semiconductors, critical resources - CNET
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Curious about #AI and #MachineLearning 🤖 partnerships for global health impact? #Health‍data sharing? Ethical considerations? Then you should join us at the #ICT4D Partnerships Conference January 12 by @Accenture with @USAID, @dimagi, @NovartisFDN, @Medic, and @CRS_Expertise! https://t.co/UwVzISYete
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A view from the front lines: COVID-19’s lasting impact on the technology and science of healthcare
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Cannabis study finds CBD doesn’t impact ability to drive, but THC does
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Harvard study finds big benefits to 12-minute bursts of exercise
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Via @Hi_TechTrends: "Big Data In #Healthcare 2020." https://htechtrends.com/big-data-in-healthcare/ #BigData making a big impact in healthcare: -Success with Patients -Diligence in Care -Lowered Costs -Effective/Efficient #Medicine -Advanced Security -More Aware Doctors #Data #Tech #MachineLearning
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Join us for the #GoodTechFest #DataScience event, Nov 18! We’ll be holding a breakout session on Data Integrity with @nicholashamlin (@GlobalGiving) & @ecsalomon (@Medic), to discuss how we’re scaling our impact & working to ensure ethical data practices. http://bit.ly/2JPJIGm https://t.co/3tOSrGqsnV
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#healthcare #Election2020 #Economic Impact of #ArtificialIntelligence https://bit.ly/2UaWTrm #DataScience #DigitalTransformation #TECH4ALL #SDGs #100DaysOfCode #DevOps #fintech #Insurtech #ML #AI #jobs #healthylifestyle #COVID__19 #data #innovation #pandemic #MedicareForAll https://t.co/CUcmXJWnVS
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CRISPR gene editing pioneers win the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
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DeFi and healthcare: A trillion-dollar opportunity for the taking
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Harvard researchers developed an AI to determine how medical treatments affect life spans
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Researchers aim to measure the impact of imprecise medical data on AI predictions
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Fauci really thinks a breakthrough coronavirus drug will be here by fall
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MDMA clinical trials report profound long-term impact on PTSD suffers
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Poor sleep quality named major risk factor for deadly heart condition
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New Bionic Eye Might See Better Than We Do
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How the global coronavirus response creates opportunities for impact investing
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Diets high in fiber may have an important impact on breast cancer risk
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Study warns THC in marijuana may have major impact on fertility
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Plant-based diets may change gut bacteria to protect heart health
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There is plenty of news and research done on AI in healthcare, medicine, and education, but what is the impact of AI on medical education? #DataScience #Healthcare #AI #ArtificialIntelligence https://hubs.ly/H0mlpgT0
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One in every 172 active RSA certificates are vulnerable to attack
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#3Dscanning+#3DPrinting patient's pancreas, #MachineLearning a slide? What is the FIRST STEP for when creating in medicine? @JuliaHlna advocates planning for privacy impact analysis at a project's start not end, since risks >> deadlines! Wish I was at #3dmed19 🇦🇺🇨🇦cc @JasamineCB https://twitter.com/ozvascdoc/status/1195544599873245184
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OmniVision wins Guinness World Record for its tiny medical image sensor
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#AI & #MachineLearning have made a massive impact on the #SupplyChain of the #healthcareindustry, with #procurement of medical supplies becoming more efficient & cost effective. @hitconsultant: http://bit.ly/2mdWlnv @KaylaEMatthews
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UNICEF now takes bitcoin and ether donations
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Another study warns drinking soda and energy drinks daily may be deadly
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MIT develops a new sensor that could help diagnose sepsis in mere minutes
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Bio Roundup: Michael Becker, Suzanne Eaton, Gene Therapy Moves & More
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From diagnosis/disease identification to #robotics #surgery operations digitalization brings a positive impact on #healthcare ⚕️ The next step is to provide a direct impact on a patient’s medical health with the help of #AI and #MachineLearning. http://techgenix.com/machine-learning-medical-applications/
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Why Vinod Khosla thinks radiologists still practicing in 10 years will be ‘causing deaths’
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This morning at 11 AM CT, #JointMeeting2019 kicks off with an @A_P_S_A session featuring Steven Rowe speaking about #cysticfibrosis and @Dorry_Segev discussing #BigData's impact in medicine. See you soon!
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#ArtificialIntelligence #AI will inevitably converge with #medicine, yet how and where it will yield the greatest impact remains to be seen. If wielded wisely, #MachineLearning and other related forms of AI may prove to be the lifeline #HealthCare needs. http://ow.ly/1sbB30nLQRw
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Another great read for January! Just loved the topics that @FryRsquared chose (Crime!Art! Medicine! and more..) to explore how AI is having an impact. Will be recommending this to my maths students. 🤓#greatscicomm #machinelearning #humanlearning https://t.co/X9J5Fodbaj
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Nominations Open for San Diego’s Inaugural Xconomy Awards
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Misfortune Cookie Vuln Returns To Impact Medical Devices https://buff.ly/2C2iuMx #CyberSecurity #infosec #AI #Malware #Fintech #Blockchain #Chatbots @reach2ratan #Bigdata #datascience #Privacy #Privacymatters #hack #hacking #databreach #crypto https://t.co/LgwR2fQEMe
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Study links frequent gadget use to increased ADHD symptoms in teens
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Utah's state-funded study of pot's effects on pain delayed
@abcnews.go.com 2 years ago
Utah's state-funded study of pot's effects on pain delayed
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Europe has a major deficit in high performance #computing. The ability to quickly analyze #bigdata will directly impact the results of industry, research or medicine. That's why we need to increase investments in #supercomputing http://bit.ly/2mpeNbw #EUBudget #euroHPC #HPC https://t.co/ywpk1wJlLz
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How #AI can positively impact the accuracy of medical diagnosis, personalization of treatments and #patientcare Article by @robinrae22 on #AI and #machinelearning at @PharmaVOICE http://www.pharmavoice.com/article/2018-05-artificial-intelligence/
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The 3 most valuable applications of AI in health care
@WIRED 3 years ago
Currently, CBD is a Schedule 1 drug like cannabis, and the DEA must reschedule it before the epilepsy medication can be sold. If approved, this would have ...
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This "#SelfDriving store on wheels" by @Toyota could impact every area of the economy - from ride-hailing to food delivery to medical services. https://t.co/U4l2E1AOIA #Autonomousvehicles #IoT #AI #MachineLearning #CES2018 #ces #cusrexp
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When It Comes to Online #Research Impact, Medicine & Health Sciences Lead the Way https://www.timeshighereducation.com/data-bites/data-bite-what-kind-research-popular-online #SNRTG #BigData #OpenScience #RareDisease #science #technology #SciComm #IoT #ITRTG #DataScience #healthcare #IT #tech https://t.co/mLUtCCHImF