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Unlocking AI’s potential: Insights from Citi, NewYork-Presbyterian and Microsoft execs on Feb. 29
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The US Supreme Court Will Decide the Fate of Medication Abortion
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Californians: Speak Up To Protect People Seeking Repro and Gender-Affirming Care
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Interested in Image-based Robotic Surgery Intelligence? 🤖 Hear from our esteemed keynote speaker @QiDou_ at #ISBI2023 ! ⁣#medicalimaging #IEEEISBI #neuroimaging #machinelearning #LatinAmericanScience #biomedical #research #colombia #cartagena #scienceinlatam https://t.co/5N3Q7zFaIs
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Camera maker Canon leans into software at CES
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#ClinicalDecisionSupport at the point of care benefits patients and clinicians alike. Hear from @flatironhealth Medical director @aaronbcohen, on how #machinelearning can be used as a tool to support decision making for clinicians. https://t.co/A0j0aajLQ2
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We need more #DataScience in #Ophthalmology! Should #medicalschool or #residency start teaching #BigData or #AI core concepts earlier? I would love to hear your thoughts on how we can raise fluency in these concepts! @EyeRes_ @ophtho_res #Match2022 #medicalstudents
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Set your reminder for HHr 4/30, Friday: http://bit.ly/aimihh12 to hear from our experts @pranavrajpurkar @mattlungrenMD @chloepoconnell1 @MonicaNAgrawal @ARSaporta @YalaTweets about what it takes to develop and deploy medical AI #DataScience #Tech #AIinHealthcare #AI #EthicalAI https://t.co/gY3G3uHlSI
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So inspiring! Researchers at @UscEllison are developing solutions to some of the world's biggest medical problems. Hear from them directly on this week's webinar: http://oracl.info/PUkS50AWoZA #MachineLearning https://t.co/aZuTbmzrof
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Phonak Virto Black hearing aids look like regular wireless earbuds
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Google AI detects breast cancer better than humans, not the end for doctors
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Get ready to hear about Quip's new floss dispenser on all your podcasts
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Contractors Working on Siri 'Regularly' Hear Recordings of Drug Deals, Private Medical Info and More Claims Apple Employee
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The best iPhone apps for the hearing impaired
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Breakthrough research demonstrates AI can predict a psychotic break
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Thrilled to hear the talk of Prof Mihaela van der Schaar of @Cambridge_Uni and @turinginst about novel approaches to personalised treatments. Very relevant to our projects on Precision Mental Health. @NewtonInstitute, #datascience for #Medicine https://t.co/o3jFkPYuZv
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Can you trust "deep learning" models to make "medical decisions"? Join me at #TheAIConf in New York City on April 18 to hear more about "Interpretable Deep Learning in Healthcare". #AI #MachineLearning #Medicine #Healthcare
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'Sharing of user data is routine, yet far from transparent' is probably what you don't want to hear about medical apps. But 2019 is gonna 2019
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Zebra shifts business model to AI that saves lives at scale
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Hear @DrSidMukherjee on #bigdata, big medicine and big challenges at #SASHAF @SASAnalytics http://2.sas.com/60118Uzq9 https://t.co/OuNTXvouxW
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Theranos slashes another 41 percent of its workforce
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Pokémon GO fitness gains were short-lived
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'Alien: Isolation' is the most terrifying game I've ever played