AI is learning when it should and shouldn’t defer to a human
@Getting_Smart 9 months ago
This recent post explores what we can learn from studying how #AI is used to create content in areas such as books, business and legal, medicine, song writing and visual arts. #EdLeaders #Teachers #Students #MachineLearning 11 months ago
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Twitter will direct vaccine-related searches to 'a credible' source
@techreview 3 years ago
#Genomics has the potential to change medicine and health and #BigData and #AI may be the key to speed up the process. (Sponsored content via @bbvaOpenMind) 3 years ago
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Google begins removing personal medical records from search results 3 years ago
Figure 1, a knowledge-sharing app for doctors, launches sponsored content 4 years ago
Former Microsoft employees sue over PTSD from reviewing child porn 4 years ago
Microsoft sued by employees who developed PTSD after reviewing disturbing content 4 years ago
Twitter to livestream part of the PGA Tour because Ambien is expensive
@mathewi 4 years ago
RT @keithrichman: Thoughts on YouTube and content standards: Want TV Ad Dollars, Time to Act Like TV 4 years ago launches Verywell, a standalone brand focused on health 5 years ago
Box debuts photo-sharing app Capture and adds more support for interactive files 6 years ago
Google adds medical info to search results in the US
@pmarca 6 years ago
RT @mcuban: . @cdixon The promise of the net is not content. Its high speed apps that change healthcare,medicine,transportation,safety and more