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GPT-4 performed close to the level of expert doctors in eye assessments
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‘Malicious Activity’ Hits the University of Cambridge’s Medical School
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Apple Pitches Vision Pro as Healthcare Solution
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Insilico Medicine unveils first AI-generated and AI-discovered drug in new paper
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Dr. Garmin will see you now
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Cerba Lancet Africa Joins Hands with CMC Networks to Enhance African Healthcare Sector
@tech.eu 2 months ago
Sano Genetics raises $11.4M to advance precision medicine clinical trials
@tech.eu 3 months ago
OASYS NOW is on a mission to connect patients with rare and debilitating health conditions to clinical trials
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Building for Medicaid’s regulatory moment with Neil Batlivala from Pair Team
@techinasia.com 4 months ago
HempStreet secures $1m for cannabis-based treatments
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AI-analysed 3D eye scans can detect signs of Parkinson’s, study finds
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Clinical Trials Are Now at Your Local Drugstore. What That Means for You - CNET
@techcrunch.com 8 months ago
Lindus Health, a U.K. clinical trials startup backed by Peter Thiel, raises $18M
@venturebeat.com 8 months ago
Insilico Medicine’s generative AI tool inClinico demonstrates high accuracy in predicting clinical trial outcomes
@andresvilarino 9 months ago
Should #ArtificialIntelligence be used to support clinical ethical decision-making? A systematic review of reasons #AI #ML #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #DL #Tech #Technology #Algorithm #Data #HealthCare #HealthTech #MedicalTech #MedTech https://buff.ly/3O5u0Kk https://t.co/ySxUTxOHxG
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Curing physician burnout with Eli Ben-Joseph from Regard
@moorejh 10 months ago
A flexible symbolic regression method for constructing interpretable clinical prediction models - Nature Digital Medicine https://www.nature.com/articles/s41746-023-00833-8 #machinelearning #bioinformatics #geneticprogramming #symbolicregression
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Elon Musk's Neuralink Finally Gets FDA Approval For Human Testing
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R/Medicine Virtual Conference 2023 is June 5, 2023 – June 9, 2023 To promote the development and use of #R based tools to improve clinical research and practice. https://cvent.me/0XvrkZ?sms=7&cn=Us3RrOHARvG_82TycdaI1w #rstats #datascience #rmedicine #DataAnalytics
@Paul_Sonnier 11 months ago
New research in npj Digital Medicine: Perspectives on validation of clinical predictive algorithms #digitalhealth #algorithms #aiinhealthcare #machinelearning #ai https://www.nature.com/articles/s41746-023-00832-9
@Radiology_AI 12 months ago
A #DeepLearning Algorithm for Automatic 3D Segmentation of Rotator Cuff Muscle and Fat from Clinical MRI Scans https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.220132 @BrookeArmyMed @MedicineUVA #RotatorCuff #MachineLearning https://t.co/3NCwEMYsXj
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Scan.com, which gives patients direct access to private medical imaging services, raises $12M
@Radiology_AI 1 year ago
A #DeepLearning Algorithm for Automatic 3D Segmentation of Rotator Cuff Muscle and Fat from Clinical MRI Scans https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.220132 @BrookeArmyMed @MedicineUVA #MSKRad #ML #MachineLearning https://t.co/p2iEGdK9Xo
@Radiology_AI 1 year ago
A #DeepLearning Algorithm for Automatic 3D Segmentation of Rotator Cuff Muscle and Fat from Clinical MRI Scans https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.220132 @BrookeArmyMed @MedicineUVA #ML #MachineLearning https://t.co/bTqHsEgj5L
@Radiology_AI 1 year ago
A #DeepLearning Algorithm for Automatic 3D Segmentation of Rotator Cuff Muscle and Fat from Clinical MRI Scans https://doi.org/10.1148/ryai.220132 @BrookeArmyMed @MedicineUVA #AI #ML #MachineLearning https://t.co/VENfVgFf1M
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Practicing precision medicine with intelligently integrative clinical and multi-omics data analysis #artificialintelligence #dataanalysis #integrativeanalysis #healthcare #integrativemedicine #medicine #multiomics #machinelearning #precisionmedicine https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7530549/
@nelsonSpinto 1 year ago
Our contribution to the PALICC-2 guidelines out today: Leveraging Clinical Informatics and Data Science to Improve ... : Pediatric Critical Care Medicine https://journals.lww.com/pccmjournal/Abstract/2023/02001/Leveraging_Clinical_Informatics_and_Data_Science.1.aspx #PedsICU #DataScience @PalisiPedal
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UK-based QV Bioelectronics raises £2 million for potential brain tumour treatment
@tech.eu 1 year ago
France's Volta Medical raises €36 million series B to help surgeons treat cardiac arrhythmias and fund more clinical testing
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Withings' $500 toilet computer wants to be WebMD for your pee
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Digital health startups can incorporate clinical expertise into business models – here’s how
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The tutors teaching our ✨sold-out✨ Coding for Medics Cohort 2 starting 2nd Jan! So excited to seeing our budding clinical programmers! #Medtwitter #DataScience #python #medtech #AI https://t.co/EyrcCRLmv4
@NUFeinbergMed 1 year ago
We are thrilled to announce that third-year medical student Jonathan Huang was the first author of a paper exploring best practices for reducing biases in clinical #MachineLearning research. @JMIR_MedInform http://spr.ly/6014MUHA6
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Scientists tricked mosquitoes into delivering vaccines to humans
@bgr.com 1 year ago
Trial begins for radioactive gel that painlessly kills skin cancer in seconds
@tech.eu 1 year ago
Chinese pharma giant backs Dutch medtech Xeltis with €15 million
@bgr.com 1 year ago
First patient to try revolutionary new cancer therapy is in remission
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Register now for the next #futureofcare event on #BigData and #AI with @David_Scheinker exploring their use in clinical medicine and biomedical research. 12 July 6:00-7:30pm Register here http://weahsn.net/event/big-data-and-ai/ @SURFStanfordMed @UniofBath https://t.co/9DI9Kt8lt2
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Impactful applications of #deeplearning : @bartczakt @aklimont share impressive progress in #medical #imaging #segmentation for improving clinical decision making using #computed #tomography @pydatalondon #healthcare #datascience https://t.co/fILLRoO4cp
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Woman receives 3D-printed ear made from her own cells
@EuropHospital 2 years ago
#Bigdata is transforming diagnosis and #medicalcare, but the critical challenge remains over how to equally apply the benefits it delivers across real-world clinical settings, according to industry expert Prof Benoît Macq. @BenoitMacq #deeplearning https://healthcare-in-europe.com/en/news/diving-into-medical-big-data.html https://t.co/Z9BsOMiE4P
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The War Puts Ukraine's Clinical Trials—and Patients—in Jeopardy
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#WomeninSTEM! Don’t overlook the opportunities in the #DataScience field. Whatever your interests—molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology, clinical, medications development, computer technology—this field has a place for you. Read my blog to learn more! https://datascience.cancer.gov/news-events/blog/women-data-science-interview-dr-jill-barnholtz-sloan https://t.co/eX8flLhFhr
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Moderna’s mRNA HIV vaccine trial kicks off with first round of doses
@slashgear.com 2 years ago
Elon Musk’s brain chip company Neuralink aims for clinical trials
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How Cerebral and Alto Neuroscience embarked on an at-home clinical trial for depression
@mecharithm 2 years ago
A #humanoid #robot by Diligent Robotics, Moxi, to help the clinical staff speed up routine tasks Cedars-Sinai has deployed two of these #robots in their medical center. More information: - https://www.diligentrobots.com/ - https://www.cedars-sinai.org/ #robotics #ai #machinelearning https://t.co/lBbzP5prd0
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Six Key Applications of #DataScience in #Healthcare 1. #Datadriven clinical decision making 2. Medical imaging 3. #Genomics and genetics 4. Drug discovery 5. Remote patient monitoring 6. Disease tracking and prevention https://bit.ly/3CJnobp #ArtificialIntelligence