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Ministry of Justice rapped by ICO for old fashioned data leak
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Zipline’s drones to deliver medicine in Salt Lake City area
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How the problem of hiring healthcare staff has become a fertile ground for startups
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Barcelona’s Impress heads towards a $125M Series B round in its bid to digitize orthodontics
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A newcomer to AI data labeling, Encord looks to ride a rising tidal wave
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PD Whose Officers Brutalized A Black Soldier For Driving To A Well-Lit Area Sued By Virginia Attorney General
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Ottobock set to acquire fellow robotic exoskeleton maker SuitX
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This Seattle-area startup is building a pill dispenser that reminds people to take their medicine
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Technology to manage complexity in #ICU? intensive care? biggest amount of data vs any other area if medicine evidence suggest this can improve bedside care some practical barriers exists to translation @AriErcole #eSMART2020 #AI #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence https://t.co/0O9VRJEgeW
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Computer vision and Reinforce Learning have always been my passion. Now implementing them in the Area of Automation engineering and Medicine have been the Target. #100DaysOfCode #MachineLearning #programming #CNN #RL #ML #MATLAB
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Seattle-area medical device startup CurvaFix raises $10.7M for curved bone implant tech
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Medical device repair startup Summit Imaging fires back at Philips over device ‘hacking’ claims
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Ventec and GM, 2 months later: How a startup took on the ventilator shortage, and where it stands now
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How the global coronavirus response creates opportunities for impact investing
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Internet use up 40 per cent in San Francisco Bay Area but you know what’s even higher? Yep, alcohol, weed use
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Amazon launches on-demand virtual healthcare service for Seattle-area employees
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Working on new #MachineLearning POC with Katana @katana_ml for Health Insurance fraud prevention - detecting medical insurance overcharging. Blue dots - valid claims, green - fraudulent claims. Our task - identify green dots within the area of the blue dots https://t.co/KMxt1zXz1f
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Liquid Biopsy Firm Lucence Plans Bay Area Buildout With $20M in Tow
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Lawsuit: Electronics giant Philips accuses Seattle-area company of hacking its medical devices
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HAP Partners With Livongo on Tech-Enabled Diabetes Compliance Program
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Playing ‘Pokémon’ as a kid may have rewired your brain
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The future of cybersecurity: Your body as a hacker-proof network
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Amazon will reportedly sell software that reads medical records
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Artificial Intelligence🤖 is being used by medical professionals for "cancer detection" - an area where we saw some extraordinary breakthroughs last year. https://t.co/7Qc2EULuhP #aiforgood #AI #Health #IoT #techforgood #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #cancer #SmartCities
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Funeral to be held for girl at center of brain-death debate
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Really enjoyed my discussion today with impressive students and faculty @HopkinsEngineer. Exciting opportunities for collaboration in the area of #AI #DataScience and #medicine to make #surgicaleducation better and #surgery safer. @malpani_anand thank you for hosting! #ORBlackBox
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Which Area Of Medicine Is Most Ripe For AI Disruption? #AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #BigData #Datascience #ML #DL #HealthTech #Insurtech #tech https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2018/04/12/which-area-of-medicine-is-most-ripe-for-ai-disruption/ https://t.co/PkdrN3MhG6
@2morrowknight 6 years ago
#ArtificialIntelligence🤖 is being used by medical professionals for "cancer detection" - an area where we saw some extraordinary breakthroughs last year. https://t.co/7Qc2EULuhP #aiforgood #AI #Health #IoT #HealthTech #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #bigdata #cancer #SmartCity
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This Ikea magazine ad is also a pregnancy test
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This "#SelfDriving store on wheels" by @Toyota could impact every area of the economy - from ride-hailing to food delivery to medical services. https://t.co/U4l2E1AOIA #Autonomousvehicles #IoT #AI #MachineLearning #CES2018 #ces #cusrexp
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Drone used to drop anti-news leaflets over NFL stadiums
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Great question from a medical student from Spain at #xMed to Ray Kurzweil "What area should I specialize in?"Ray's answer: ✔Learn data science.✔Think holistically across body systems, not narrowly. #AI #MachineLearning https://t.co/Iuxvzv32mJ
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Capital investment, computer games, healthcare, travelling. What will be showcased in the exhibition area of ICO event London?
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These cities in California’s East Bay are raking in venture capital
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This Tiny Radioactive Implant is a Powerhouse for Treating Prostate Cancer
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AIDoc Medical raises $7M to bring AI to medical imaging analysis
@om 7 years ago
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The Chan Zuckerberg Biohub invests $50 million in its first 47 research initiatives
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ElliQ is a robotic companion that helps the elderly remain active and engaged
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Computers could soon be our best developers
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Are you in the Sacramento area? #Medical #device #Wearables #wearabledevices #WearableTech #BigData #startuplife https://twitter.com/sacstartup/status/724634730671407105
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"More hospitals in an area does increase the utilization of medical resources. It does not improve health outcomes." http://www.arnoldkling.com/blog/more-hospital-access-does-not-equal-more-health/
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Drone Delivers Bitcoin-Purchased Cannabis in California
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Research In Lag Time Set To Determine The Future Of Telesurgery
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One Medical Group expands to Phoenix — and signs up the Arizona Diamondbacks as its 1st customer
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Obama proposes new Precision Medicine Initiative for genetic treatments
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Uber Corner Store Turns The Transit App Into A Delivery Service For Daily Staples