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The 5 best meditation apps for 2024
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These are the Vision Pro apps Apple says will transform healthcare
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Apple Pitches Vision Pro as Healthcare Solution
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5 iPhone Apps That Will Remind You To Take Medication Or Vitamins
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CARPL guides healthcare providers through the growing market of radiology AI apps
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Announcing the AI Stage agenda at TechCrunch Disrupt 2023
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GoodRx launches digital ‘medicine cabinet’ that rewards people for taking their meds
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MIT-based AI apps startup aims to block supply chain attacks with advanced cybersecurity
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FTC Gives Fertility App $200k Wrist Slap For Sharing Sensitive Medical Info
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Apps don’t make at-home blood pressure monitoring better
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watchOS 9 adds new APIs for sharing and VoIP apps on Apple Watch
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Apple’s medication feature is a step in the right direction
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Delivery apps are stepping in to help drivers hit by high gas prices
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Legally blind Canadian using electronic glasses to develop more accessible apps
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Google Project Relate Android app helps those with speech impairments
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#ESCDigitalSummit From #AI, robotics & #bigdata to apps & #wearables - this year's edition will provide a unique platform for exchange & debate on the future of #CVD medicine Start preparing your #digitalhealth adventure https://bit.ly/3A6nQ2s https://t.co/mWIAl9VYhp
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Cops unofficially using apps for face recognition and accessing medical records
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Read about our cutting edge research leveraging #machinelearning to analyze complex data for clinical apps 🤓🧠 @drandresbur & @JenVillwockMD featured in Kansas Science + Medicine @KUMedCenter https://bit.ly/KUMedmagazine #ENTsurgery #WeAreOto #AugmentedIntelligence #MedTwitter https://t.co/ea8roT0ivo
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✍️🩺 Medical R: Creating Mini learnr Apps and Hosting on a Server: This post will explain how to create your own learnr apps and push them to an RStudio Server Open Source server. Peter Higgins @ibddoctor https://higgi13425.github.io/medical_r/posts/2020-12-27-creating-mini-learnr-apps-and-hosting-on-a-server/ #rstats #datascience
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AcuityMD raises $7M to better track the evolving world of medical hardware
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Apple surveys Apple Watch users on health features, mentions glucose monitoring
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The @JMSACL of @MSACL fame is having a special #datascience issue for all of your #rstats and #python apps for laboratory medicine! Submissions do NOT need to be #massspec related. https://twitter.com/JMSACL/status/1387998515880546305
How Indians are crowdsourcing aid as covid surges
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#Machinelearning, explained It's behind chatbots and #predictive text, language translation apps and how your #socialmedia feeds are presented. It powers #autonomous vehicles and machines that can diagnose medical conditions based on images. https://mitsloan.mit.edu/ideas-made-to-matter/machine-learning-explained https://t.co/ZVKG9EpcnS
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Sponsored Post: #fridaymorning #datascience Learn how to track your health with these medical apps! Click here!https://cutt.ly/Well-PositionedElectronicHealthDataSecurity It was said that adoption of mobile health apps could drive the claim for data needs. Check the disclaimer on profile and landing page.
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Google wants to crowdsource data for medial research with its new Health Studies app
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The best free anatomy apps for Mac for medical students
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10 #AI Apps That Could Change #Healthcare Info. via @IanLJones98 by @HarvardBiz @wissen_tech Add #robotics, #analytics, #BigData, #ML & #RPA and #healthtech powers #health & #medicine to improve for all. cc @DrJDrooghaag @BetaMoroney @sallyeaves @PawlowskiMario @Victoryabro https://t.co/vWttighVP6
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Robots, drones and surveillance apps: The unexpected future of medicine
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Mount Sinai study suggests social media may help some people keep active during COVID-19 lockdown
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France will start testing its COVID-19 tracking app the week of May 11th
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Capita inks deal with NHS to 'bring back staff': Workers get an hour of training to recruit and vet retired doctors, nurses
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Don’t download coronavirus (COVID-19) apps: Here’s why
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From apps, wearables & implantable medical devices to drones & satellites, ~20 billion “things” share data. @WEF in #Davos, our panel explored unleashing the power of #bigdata to solve healthcare's greatest challenges while giving patients control. #wef20 https://t.co/TSIWf99cb7
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Swedish medtech Pilloxa raises $1.3 million to help patients stick to medical treatments
5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week! – Android Apps Weekly
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Apple bans vaping apps from the App Store
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The best apps for actually sticking to your fitness goals
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The apps and gear you need to get fit without breaking the bank
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Do You Want Your Apps to Know About Your Last Doctor's Visit?
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Popular period-tracking apps are sharing a ton of data with Facebook
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Apple developing SensorKit framework for research studies
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Discover what it takes to build great medical AR/VR/MR apps at XRDC!
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These aging-in-place apps empower seniors to be safe, save money and get medical care - CNET
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The best medical information apps for iPhone and iPad
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Are period and fertility tracking apps effective?
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Galaxy Watch Active 2 will do an Apple Watch 4 with health features
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The best iPhone apps for the hearing impaired