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Data science and ML have not been able to answer many of the questions relating to covid 19. We need data most importantly about how it spreads. The medical authorities need to collect more detailed information from patients via a survey. #DataScience #covid19 #analytics
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Pelosi, Dems Unveil Price Plan: Are 25 Drugs Enough for Negotiation?
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Are period and fertility tracking apps effective?
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UK Alexa users can now get answers to medical questions right from the NHS
@abcnews.go.com 1 year ago
UK health service to use Amazon Alexa to give medical advice
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The 9:1 gender imbalance in autoimmunity: A fascinating answer to an enduring medical mystery #SNRTG #DataScience #Scicomm #Meded #autoimmune #immunology #Lupus #genomics #RareDisease Article: https://eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2019-04/mm-u-dmh041819.php Journal: https://insight.jci.org/articles/view/127291 @umichmedicine @UMich https://t.co/NxIktw4sSm
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Genomics pioneer Lee Hood says biological age will be key to the future of medicine
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Don’t trust the internet on vitamin D
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Andreessen Leads $300M Bet on Devoted Health’s Senior Care Approach
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AI could help eradicate biological disease
@RasuShrestha 2 years ago
Great question from a medical student from Spain at #xMed to Ray Kurzweil "What area should I specialize in?"Ray's answer: ✔Learn data science.✔Think holistically across body systems, not narrowly. #AI #MachineLearning https://t.co/Iuxvzv32mJ
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Alexa will now give you medical advice, courtesy of WebMD
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Let's talk about aquafaba, the chickpea liquid that vegans have discovered is a magical egg substitute.
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"Mosul is going to be a wonderful thing" -- this whole answer is just a word salad, Mosul, Iran, bigly
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RT @tvkatesnow: JUST IN @GovHowardDean stands by cocaine tweet & says Trump needs to answer charge, no apology @MSNBChttps://t.co/V7HfQtfXTy
Would Bitcoin Help the Cannabis Industry?
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Realizing how hard #MachineLearning is? Asked "What is aspirin used for?" Answer returned "What is Pokemon Go?" #grinding #ai #bigdata
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New ResearchKit app uses crowdsourced body temperatures to shape future of medicine
@WIRED 4 years ago
This is the "personalized medicine" future you've heard so much about.
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RT @ramez: Why haven't MRIs or CAT scans plunged in price the way LIDAR has? http://wapo.st/1PWu4ZEMy answer: Little to no market forces in medicine
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RT @dinapomeranz: A Ghanaian entrepreneur thinks he has the answer to Africa’s fake medicine problem cc @yanagiz https://twitter.com/business/status/627283135026307073
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Figure1 is medicine’s answer to Instagram for crowdsourcing diagnoses
Dr. Google will show you health info right in the search results
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Google’s Knowledge Graph will soon answer your health-related questions directly in search results