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“The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services agreed to reimburse hospitals for use of Viz LVO, a smartphone app that spots signs of stroke so patients can receive time-critical treatment...” @DeepLearningAI_ #AI #MachineLearning #MedTech https://t.co/HleaeaUkDe
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Novartis to Acquire MedCo and FDA-Ready Cholesterol Drug for $9.7B
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At-home DNA testing company gives the FBI access to its database
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Natural Cycles contraception app told to clarify pregnancy risks
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In a Genentech Redux, Roche Pays $2.4B for Rest of Foundation Medicine
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UK data regulator says DeepMind’s initial deal with the NHS broke privacy law
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Theranos starts to agree to things
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The opportunities and challenges of AI in health care
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Agreed. This mistakes a symptom for the disease https://twitter.com/kurtgessler/status/806875164902301696
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Theranos relents, says it will publish data showing accuracy of its blood tests
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RT @wagner_tim: agreed w/ @pmarca: insurance should be decoupled from companies - carrying about your job matters, medical care shouldn't be a ball&chain
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Prosper Marketplace Buys American Healthcare Lending For $21 Million