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I regret buying the viral TikTok skincare wand
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Miracle cures: Online conspiracy theories are creating a new age of unproven medical treatments
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The Age of Crispr Medicine Is Here
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Now Android phones can automatically send medical data during 911 calls
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Portable X-ray vision is one step closer to reality with OXOS Medical
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Very happy that my paper "Liquid Health. Medicine in the age of #surveillancecapitalism" was accepted by Social Science & Medicine. I use Bauman's concept of liquefaction to outline the impact of #AI and #BigData on concepts of health, identities, and relationships in medicine
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Scientists Have Transplanted Human Brain Cells Into Baby Rats
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Instagram has been blocking posts that mention abortion
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Your liver is always less three years old or younger
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Google seeks FDA approval for Fitbit's passive heart rate monitoring tech
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EA, Gearbox, and Microsoft protest "anti-LGBTQ+ efforts" in Texas
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Pfizer’s early COVID vaccine trial data hints at bad news for some parents
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Everything is accelerating in the exponential age
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With ophthalmology rapidly evolving in this digital age, it is important for medical students and future residents to learn about #BigData and #ArtificialIntelligence early in their careers. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23311916.2021.1920707
An ecosystem to overhaul China’s health care
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Data scientist detects biothreats using expertise in veterinary medicine, conservation and math
Why tech didn’t save us from covid-19
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#Preprint butis#BigData #Research & linked #EHR! Death from #COVID19 in 🇬🇧 strongly associated with: men older age deprivation uncontrolled diabetes & prior medical conditions but NOT #Hypertension @mmamas1973 @kamleshkhunti @DrAsifQasim @ShrillaB @drandrewsharp https://twitter.com/JonLaake/status/1258437621904297985
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Oxwash, UK startup using ‘spage-age technology’ to sterilise laundry, gets £1.4 million in funding
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Fake coronavirus cures targeted by feds as infections rise
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Human + Machine Collaboration: Work in the Age of #AI http://ow.ly/R1hq50y3u9e @gogoking @21stcenturyP @MillerJordyn @jkamecki #ArtificialIntelligence #DataScience #MachineLearning #BigData #DeepLearning #medicine #healt #healtcare #datahacker
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Researchers Create Particle Accelerator on a Chip
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Congress is raising the minimum smoking and vaping age to 21
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Study shows plasma ‘clock’ as potential key to aging
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Olive oil superfood may protect the brain from age-related dementia
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The Coming Age of Generative Biology: #Machinelearning will extract engineering principles from biological complexity and generate new molecules, gene and cell therapies, and medicines we have yet to imagine. http://bit.ly/2NQPqM3 @AndrewLBeam @gibsmk @FlagshipPioneer #synbio
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In the age of #bigdata, how is your medical data protected? Find out about potential #ethics and privacy challenges in this Perspective from @CohenProf @WNicholsonPrice https://go.nature.com/30Tcde2
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All that glitters is not gold: How healthtech startups can achieve true value
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Big Red's legal woes deepen - sued (again) for age and medical discrimination
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Genomics pioneer Lee Hood says biological age will be key to the future of medicine
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Robotics, AR and VR are poised to reshape healthcare, starting in the operating room
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Don’t trust the internet on vitamin D
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With $100M MeiraGTx Deal, J&J Signals Bigger Move Into Gene Therapy
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#Privacy in the age of medical #bigdata #Health #Insurtech #fintech #AI #MachineLearning #HIPAA @TunstallAsc @TheRudinGroup @jblefevre60 @SpirosMargaris @psb_dc @SabineVdL @AntonioSelas @pierrepinna @HaroldSinnott @leimer @mvollmer1 @ahier via @nature https://go.nature.com/2VNBCUp https://t.co/iEkgI9zGwC
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#Privacy in the age of #medical #bigdata in @NatureMedicine https://www.nature.com/articles/s41591-018-0272-7 https://t.co/y29o5gHjnz
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RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises $30M as it grows from 10K users to 250M
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Duped patients crowdfund for bogus medical care, study says
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Ethereum Blockchain Conference Defends Against Criticism for Deepak Chopra’s Invite
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Healthy.io turns your smartphone into a clinical-grade medical testing device
@v_vashishta 6 years ago
Medical Image Processing in the Age of #DeepLearning: Is There Still Room for Conventional Medical Image Processing Techniques? http://www.scitepress.org/Papers/2017/62738/62738.pdf #MachineLearning
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Deep Learning Opens Door to A New Age of Intelligent Medical Instruments#AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #ML #DL #HealthTech #tech https://blogs.nvidia.com/blog/2017/11/26/intelligent-medical-instruments/ https://t.co/P2ceD8K4Fl
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AI-enabled technologies could help museums survive the digital age
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How one company learned to reinvent itself daily in the AI age
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Medicine in the Age of AI#AI #MachineLearning #DeepLearning #ML #DL #HealthTech #tech https://www.imedicalapps.com/2017/05/medicine-age-ai/ https://t.co/4pVZDowBmn
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Patient-Power in the Age of Modern Medicine http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/business/biotech/sd-me-precision-medicine-20170902-story.html #genomics #technology #RareDisease #science #BigData #patients #cancer https://t.co/9XeuV79xS4
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This neuroscientist is using VR to learn more about the brain
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A race is underway to repair our hearing — with medicine
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Learning from the past and molding the future of technology: a conversation with John Sculley