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Alleged Architects of $720M BitClub Ponzi Request Jail Release Over Coronavirus Risk
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Fake docs rock real docs: Ex-Wall St guy accused of conning medics out of £27m for bogus cryptocurrency fund using faked paperwork
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Apple accused of stealing Masimo trade secrets for Apple Watch health features
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It's 2019 so, of course, there's alleged ad fraud to the tune of $1bn in tech pushed to doctors
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Accused of Liberal Bias, Facebook Allows Ads With ... Tubes
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Google accused of inappropriate access to medical data in potential class-action lawsuit
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Biohacker Josiah Zayner accused of being an unlicensed practitioner
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Indian entrepreneur implicated in $300 million Bitcoin Ponzi scheme gets bail
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Vaccination critic placed on probation by medical board
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Uber settles lawsuit with woman who accused executives of obtaining medical records after she was raped
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Startup accused of scamming employees scrubs its online presence