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Ex-NSA hacker made four pieces of state-created Mac malware run his own code
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DOJ Decides To Help Publicize Snowden's Memoir By Suing Him For Failing To Run His Book By The CIA And NSA First
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Oversight Report Says DEA Ran Multiple Bulk Data Collection Programs With Zero Legal Clearance
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Congress Has a Chance to Finally End the NSA’s Mass Telephone Records Program
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Dreamit Ventures launches new security vertical
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Edward Snowden’s new app turns any Android phone into a surveillance system
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DROPLEX [DROP] – secure NSA bulletproof blockchain ICO
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Shuttle's new XPC nano PCs run on ARM
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Everything you need to know about the NSA hack (but were afraid to Google)
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General Michael Hayden on the state of surveillance in America, presidential candidates and more
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Edward Snowden and Pussy Riot fight Internet censorship on AdBlock
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Snowden, Pussy Riot, and Ai Weiwei launch AdBlock campaign to protest censorship
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Pakistan is building its own bulk surveillance system, says new report
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Senator Rand Paul courts tech’s support for his likely 2016 run at SXSW
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Researchers say the newly uncovered worm may have served as a kind of test run for Stuxnet, allowing the attackers to map a way to targeted machines in Iran that...
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Pro-reform Senators attempted to advance the USA Freedom Act but failed by just two votes to move the bill forward.
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Building a globe-spanning quantum internet