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Former DHS/NSA Official Stewart Baker Decides He Can Help NSO Group Turn A Profit 29 days ago
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Linus Torvalds releases Linux 6.6 1 month ago
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A Powerful Tool US Spies Misused to Stalk Women Faces Its Potential Demise 1 month ago
North Korea experiments with AI in cyber warfare: US official 2 months ago
IronNet, founded by former NSA director, shuts down and lays off staff 2 months ago
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The Silent Home Invasion 6 months ago
Reporting Mandates Likely The Reason Behind The FBI’s Sudden Drop-Off In Section 702 Abuses 6 months ago
Kremlin claims Apple helped NSA spy on diplomats via iPhone backdoor 6 months ago
Kaspersky Says New Zero-Day Malware Hit iPhones—Including Its Own 6 months ago
Apple responds to dubious iPhone security claim by Russia, vowing to never create a backdoor to iOS 6 months ago
Russia claims NSA used Apple backdoor vulnerabilities to spy on iPhone users 6 months ago
NSA hacked iPhones, claims Russia, but Apple involvement simply isn’t credible 6 months ago
The HBO docudrama Reality, starring Sydney Sweeney as an NSA whistleblower, is a must-see movie 6 months ago
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Reality Winner has no one to turn to in new teaser for HBO’s upcoming film 7 months ago
Russian hackers exploit six-year-old Cisco flaw to target US government agencies 7 months ago
15 years ago, the NSA spied on World of Warcraft — but did a leak change anything? 7 months ago
CISA pressures tech vendors to ship secure software ‘out of the box’
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Congressional Rep Who Discovered His Info Was Illegally Searched By The FBI Likely Has No Legal Remedy