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NSA Director Says More Domestic Surveillance Might Stop Foreign Hacking; Fails To Explain Why NSA Isn't Stopping Much Foreign Hacking
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Security researcher creates new backdoor inspired by leaked NSA malware
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Looking for some weekend reading? Get the 411 on #machinelearning in this edition of #NSA’s The Next Wave: http://bit.ly/2CsemF6 https://t.co/f9qmUNGrr6
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U.S. intelligence agencies are still warning against buying Huawei and ZTE phones
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Congress is sneaking through a major expansion of NSA surveillance powers
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Yahoo demands ‘transparency’ from National Intelligence director over security order
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Algiers told us they want a robot to scratch their backs at Panorama
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The NSA wants to monitor pacemakers and other medical devices
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You can now start looking for clues in Snowden’s archive of NSA documents
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Former NSA and CIA Director General Michael Hayden to appear at Disrupt NY 2016
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Report: Twitter looking to expand 140-character limit
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Wondering if @Whisper PR/Marketing chief still is employed. I hear NSA is looking for someone to refurbish their global reputation?
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Looking for something awesome to read this weekend? Here are our picks for the best (WIRED and non-WIRED) reads around the Web: Should You Buy a New iPhone? http://wrd.cm/1ukSNrv Water's Edge: The Crisis of Rising Sea Levels http://wrd.cm/1uPGaGy Scotland Saves the Union Jack, a True Design...
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Russian malware infiltrated the Nasdaq stock exchange, says Businessweek
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ProtonMail Is A Swiss Secure Mail Provider That Won’t Give You Up To The NSA