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The NSA's $100 million call surveillance program was a big flop
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Brazil charges journalist Glenn Greenwald for colluding with hackers
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Court says data swept up by the NSA is protected by the Fourth Amendment
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The NSA says it stopped tracking cellphone locations without a warrant
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The US is suing Edward Snowden over his memoir
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NSA improperly collected even more call records than we thought
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National security journalism just became a national security threat
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Warrantless searches of Americans’ data spiked 28 percent in 2018
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FBI, DHS task forces to address election security are now permanent
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The NSA says it's time to drop its massive phone-surveillance program
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NSA official: China is preparing for possible high-profile hacks
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NSA leaker Reality Winner sentenced to 5 years in prison
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NSA has yet to fix security holes that helped Snowden leaks
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NSA leader creates task force to fight Russian cyberattacks
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Trump’s Supreme Court nominee opposes net neutrality, supports NSA bulk collection
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NSA deletes hundreds of millions of call records over privacy violations
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Reality Winner pleads guilty to leaking NSA election hacking data
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Reality Winner will plead guilty for leaking NSA election hacking info
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US elevates the role of Cyber Command
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Trump could spark brain drain at the NSA
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It’s time to pardon Edward Snowden, and defuse Putin’s increasingly dangerous weapon
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Bericht: Yahoo nutzte einen Virenscanner, um E-Mails zu überwachen
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Your guide to the ‘Shadow Brokers’ NSA theft, which puts the Snowden leaks to shame
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There can be no middle ground on encryption
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A new plan to fight ISIS: turning big data on social media
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Here's what Apple will tell Congress when it testifies about the FBI iPhone battle
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Election 2016: Where the would-be leaders of the free world stand on tech
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Obama’s executive order calls for sharing of security data
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What Obama’s State of the Union address means for the tech industry
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Congress will probably fail to pass NSA reform, in pursuit of perfection — and Presidential politics