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Don't ruin your Thanksgiving potluck dishes by using the wrong plates to transport them - CNET
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Uber plans to turn its app into a ‘content marketplace’ during rides
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Dear Air Canada: a systems analysis of a comically colossal cascading failure
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Trucks move entire town to make way for mine in Sweden
@venturebeat.com 4 years ago
Serving up a better burger: How IoT and blockchain will reinvent the global supply chain
@superglaze 5 years ago
ICYMI: Neelie Kroes says EC made wrong call on Apple tax. EC says she speaks for Silicon Valley and is misinformed. http://fortune.com/2016/09/02/apple-tax-kroes/
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RT @rwainwright67: Factually wrong. There are no border controls within Schengen Area. UK and Ireland not part of that https://twitter.com/nigel_farage/status/745151500624662529
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This man is making Elon Musk’s Hyperloop into a reality for Europe
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Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and how wholesome games taught me a terrible lesson
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Work will start on a $6bn Hyperloop test track in ‘weeks’
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Urban Transportation Will Go All-Electric Sooner Than You Think
@WIRED 6 years ago
By shutting down the subway, there’s a good chance New York lost more than the stakes it thought it was putting down, and that it has created a longterm problem...
@gigaom.com 6 years ago
Co-pilot gave wrong command just before Virgin Galactic space plane’s crash