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China’s new maglev bullet train hits 600 km/h
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Audi’s new scooter might actually solve a major problem with scooters
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Flexit lets you pay for gym time on demand
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Traveling is great. It’s also great to sit on your couch and let virtual reality transport you to your destination. New tourism-focused VR offerings ...
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Autonomous passenger drones will fly you across Dubai starting this July
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Paris airport hopes facial recognition is the answer to long lines
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Elon Musk, other CEOs voice travel ban concerns to Trump
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Delphi tests self-driving car service in Singapore
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Investigators say driver in fatal Tesla Autopilot crash was speeding
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This underwater #HyperloopOne transport could make a traveling a lot easier http://shout.lt/bDDKL via @TheNextWeb https://t.co/SpEbnABqh8
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Self-driving truck convoy completes its first major journey across Europe
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Hyperloop CEO shows off augmented reality window concept
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8 apps revolutionizing maternal health care in developing nations
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Microsoft boosts Outlook.com email encryption and opens its first transparency center