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Airline Body IATA to Launch COVID-19 Travel Passport App in April
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Jersey City to expand on-demand transport after shift in commuting habits
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A look at Philadelphia’s 5 steps to safe and sustainable transport
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England’s West Midlands is going to reward people for not using their cars
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Different Track! New #nightjet #train launches today combining #Sustainability #experience & flexibility - By #design @SiemensMobility ️http://bit.ly/SMNighttrain #movingbeyond #innovation #Travel #TrainTwitter #data #DataScience #tech #cities #transport #TechNews #CX #railway https://t.co/vcp4DP8T6v
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Don’t talk or make phone calls on public transport — it’s a COVID risk
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Gothenburg gears up to test future transport tech in the heart of town
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How Bangkok’s 40,000-kilometer transport network was mapped for the first time
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GM's BrightDrop is building an EV 'ecosystem' for delivery companies
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Brussels to give under-25s free public transport from next year
How technology rewrites your diet
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On-demand public transport sounds like a luxury — but it can actually save cities money
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Zurich to use rideshare service to plug public transport gaps
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Texas voters green light $7.1B plan to overhaul Austin’s public transport
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Transport for London gets £1.8B bailout to weather coronavirus
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5 innovations shaping the future of train travel
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Uber competitor Ola banned in London over safety concerns
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TIL: Dubai uses AI to plan its bus routes
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Super excited to be working with @fsprei @PatrickPlotz and @VTTFinland colleagues on the new EU Horizon 2020 STORM project, aiming to facilitate the electrification of #freight #transport by building a toolbox of innovative data analysis and modeling tools. Apply today! #bigdata https://twitter.com/fsprei/status/1309406387429158919
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3 customer-focused strategies that helped the EU’s public transport withstand the pandemic
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Here’s how cities can keep congestion reduced post-coronavirus
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Some UK bus riders will get Facebook DMs to warn if transport is too busy as lockdown lifts
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The challenges of revamping public transport after COVID-19 safely
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TFL: Only 20% of London commuters will use public transport after lockdowns ease up
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Rivian adds $1.3 billion in funding for its electric utility and adventure vehicles
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❗️Today we are at #SSPCR2019 Conference presenting #DiamondH2020 project - seeking fair inclusion of women in public #transport using urban #BigData ️@andrea_gorrini, Transport Research Consultant at @systematica ➡️http://www.sspcr.eurac.edu https://t.co/BLQOeGiJfV
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Uber loses London operator’s license again
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Uber has again been denied licence renewal in London over safety risks
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Lyft deploys 200 long-range EVs for its rideshare rental fleet in Colorado
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Waymo expands self-driving services to include B2B car parts delivery trial
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Tesla third-quarter earnings: What to expect and what we’re watching for
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Uber will let you book Delhi metro tickets on its app (at some point)
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The Station: Volvo evolves, Skip trips and touchscreen tech
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Uber adds electric mopeds to its transport options, starting in Paris
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The Station: A new self-driving car startup, Inside Tesla’s V10 software, Lilium’s big round
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City of Cupertino launching on-demand public transport, available for all Apple employees
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Today wrapped up @ICAO’s #Innovation Fair in #Montreal, where we shared how Thales is leveraging #AI, #bigdata, #connectivity & #cybersecurity to make air transport more secure, safe & efficient. Missed it? Check out the @thalesaerospace handle for event highlights. #IWAF2019 https://t.co/qcZprjiF19
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India bans e-cigarettes citing youth health concerns
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SoftBank-backed Fair taps three executives to lead vehicle subscription app expansion
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An autonomous robot EV charger is coming to San Francisco
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SoftBank pumps $2B into Indonesia through new Grab investment, putting it head to head with Gojek
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Tesla earnings day is here: Pay attention to these 4 indicators
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Waze now shows road toll prices along your driving route
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North Carolina explores using Virgin Hyperloop One technology as a mode of transport
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Ford and Volkswagen team up on EVs, with Ford the first outside automaker to use VW’s MEB platform
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Grab raises more money — again
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BMW’s next-gen cruise control stops at red lights
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BMW says its running ahead of its electrification goals