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New guest blog: 10DS fellows, Federico & Robin, talk about working with the Campus to develop R and Python packages for Journey Time Statistics (JTS) using transport data. https://datasciencecampus.ons.gov.uk/guest-blog-enhancing-open-access-data-analysis-introducing-the-journey-time-statistics-r-and-python-packages/ #DataScience #OpenSource
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Dutch startup targets European intercity air taxi service from 2027
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US Dept of Transport security breach exposes info on a quarter-million people
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US Dept of Transport leaks personal info on quarter million staff
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NYC's transport authority returns to Twitter as free API access is restored
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Citymapper lowers the paywall for premium features but keeps monthly subscription for removing ads
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NYC's transport authority will no longer post service alerts on Twitter
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Hyundai Canada fined $360,000 for safety defect notification delay
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In the early morning hours of April 12, 1981, NASA launched STS-1—its first launch of the space transport system. NASA claimed the space shuttle, at the time, was the most complex flying machine ever built. : NASA https://t.co/62nupUe3Xw
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Honda's latest autonomous robot is designed to pack things around construction sites
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NEC, ADVA to Jointly Deploy Time Synchronization Solutions for Telkom Indonesia
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Cash-strapped EV startup Arrival is laying off half its staff
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Cyber Monday Deals on Electric Scooters and E-Bikes - CNET
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Black Friday Deals on Electric Scooters and E-Bikes - CNET
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Drones in cities are a bad idea
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Munich’s AWAKE Mobility drives away with €4 million for real-time bus monitoring
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Otter.ai challenger Airgram raises $10M to transcribe and time your video calls
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Here's How Drones Could Change The Medical Industry
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GM is launching an online EV service to educate and woo consumers
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Boundary Layer wants to steal air freight’s lunch and transport it by water instead
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Google Street View now lets you ‘time travel’ on your phone. Here’s how
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Going, going…grab one of the last 2 demo tables at TC Sessions: Climate before they’re gone
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Munich just got its first solar-powered bus — why arent all buses solar?
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Tortoise co-founder Dmitry Shevelenko: ‘You can’t do too many things at the same time’
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NSW Transport and Cisco to run AI and IoT trials to ease congestion on public transport
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Transport anything on the go with this ridiculously fast folding e-scooter
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How Bangkok’s 40,000-kilometer transport network was mapped for the first time
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Read the latest #TuringBlog Just add time: the dizzying potential of dynamic graphs https://bit.ly/3mF33vK From toxic online communities to city transport patterns, software developed at the Turing is shedding new light on how networks evolve Image Hanson Lu/Unsplash #BigData https://t.co/JtjeLpj4rY
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Einride’s self-driving freight transporter hits the global market
China’s Tianwen-1 mission is on its way to Mars
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We're going underground, and this time it's not an inebriated banker crapping themselves, but Transport for London
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Paris-based Shippeo receives €20 million Series B to expand supply chain visibility platform
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5G Experimentation to Intensify in 2020: Enterprise Grade WAN Transport to be Among Early Use Cases
@thefastmode.com 3 years ago
5G Experimentation to Intensify in 2020: Enterprise Grade WAN Transport to be Among Early Use Cases
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EE Signs Agreement with TfL to Bring 4G Connectivity to London Underground for the First Time
@thefastmode.com 3 years ago
EE Signs Agreement with TfL to Bring 4G Connectivity to London Underground for the First Time
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Elon Musk says Tesla will add Disney+ to its vehicles “soon”
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Excited to see @chrs_bock presenting our Time Series kernel based on optimal transport at @icdm2019 in Beijing. The Wasserstein distance can be used to capture similarities between time series and leads to strong classification! #MachineLearning #OptimalTransport #TimeSeries https://t.co/92ovPuYmnz
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See the Mars 2020 rover winched into the air and moved into a test chamber
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Moovit taps Waze to bring carpooling to its urban transport app
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Porsche pilots online vehicle sales in the U.S. and Germany
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Tesla third-quarter earnings: What to expect and what we’re watching for
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Penske is getting into the car-sharing business, starting with Washington D.C.
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Waymo self-driving cars head to Florida for rainy season
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Volkswagen’s ID R electric race car keeps breaking records, this time twice at Goodwood
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How big biased datasets make social inequalities worse
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CHEAP: $60 for this 2TB Western Digital portable HD? TIME TO TEAR OFF OUR CLOTHES IN JOY
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Victoria looks to make public transport info available in real-time