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The world’s first fully automated ‘salmon cannon’ is here to save the planet
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This new autonomous truck prototype ditches the driver completely
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An autonomous electric truck startup wants to shake up freight transportation
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There's a new Hyperloop company, and its leader is a familiar face
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In many, many places the car is still king. Which makes sense, because in those places there's really no other option.
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Genius site tracks the Twitter apologies issued by UK transport companies
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There's a reason your commute sucks: it's because transportation planning doesn't account for Americans' actual travel patterns.
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New York City plans to shut down a portion of the L subway line for 18 months in 2019. But there's a light at the end of this tunnel.
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Can an electric bicycle wheel power a boat?
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Meet the collectors who resell toys to pay off their Comic-Con addiction
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Reimagine how you interact with cars with Genesis' new sports hybrid
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2015 was the year we learned Silicon Valley is coming after the transportation industry
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There's something fundamentally absurd in the fact that it would be cheaper for me to lease a Tesla than commute by public transport
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FAA tells airlines to remind flyers that checking e-cigs is a bad idea
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There's a whole class of apps around public transport whose main competitive advantage v Google Maps is that the UX isn't terrible