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Einride’s electric trucks to deliver Heineken beer to Germany
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Tesla to get number plates back in blow to Swedish union workers
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Sweden sides with Tesla, says transport agency must deliver plates or pay up
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Einride brings its futuristic electric self-driving trucks to the UAE
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Sweden to pave world’s first permanent e-road for EV charging while driving
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Foiled again: Candela raises another $20M to set course for the future of ferries
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Einride launches autonomous pods and electric freight operations in U.S.
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Gothenburg gears up to test future transport tech in the heart of town
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Einride’s self-driving freight transporter hits the global market
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Swedish cities are betting big on Volvo’s creative ‘bendy buses’ for clean transport
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Einride fueled by $25 million Series A to develop sustainable, self-driving vehicles
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Einride debuts a funky-looking autonomous logging truck
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Einride’s autonomous trucks will be Nvidia-powered, and deliveries start this fall
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The biggest data leak in Swedish history was also the most avoidable
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Einride debuts prototype T-pod, an autonomous electric truck that can also be controlled remotely
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Einride’s T-Pod self-driving transport EV gets a full-scale prototype
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
Meet T-pod, an autonomous electric truck that can also be controlled remotely
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An autonomous electric truck startup wants to shake up freight transportation
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Einride’s electric self-driving T-pod is a new kind of freight transport vehicle
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This Swedish ad perfectly mocks the hype around self-driving cars
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Volvo's new high-riding wagon is perfect for America's neglected roads
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Smartpen maker Livescribe is being acquired as new competitors like Apple eye the space