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Blockchain as an effective #technology for #decentralized distributed storage and #Security management has already demonstrated great advantages! #blockchain can be expanded for use in transport networks, especialy considering distributed & secure storage of #bigdata MT@Block385 https://t.co/7GCKFNNaj9
Ripple-Backed Omni Rentals to Shut Down by Late 2019: Report
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Blix Vika+ electric bike review: Foldable, affordable, high quality transport for urban commuters
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Volkswagen’s Atlas Tanoak concept is a short-bed pickup truck dream
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Elon Musk offers to fix South Australia’s power crisis in 100 days — or it’s free
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Elon Musk promises Australia a huge new battery farm in less than 100 days or it’s free
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Elon Musk makes a bet to fix a state's energy woes in 100 days, or it's free
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You can finally transfer Pokémon into Sun and Moon
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Samsung sets out to blow up the electric vehicle market with powerful new battery
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Folding electric bike will transform how you get around
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The death of localhost and the rise of cloud development
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Crunch Report | Oracle Buys Netsuite
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Tesla might have a backup plan if it needs more batteries to meet demand
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Add up to 128GB storage to your iOS device with the iKlips flash drive
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RT @zkirill: @pmarca All food safety labels & certs = cosmetic bandaid. No infrastructure to trace every ingredient's prod/origin/transport/storage (yet)
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Efficient cable storage and transport at its best! #tech #technology #technologyandstuff #CES #CES2015 #cable #cables #messy #tidy #gadgets #electronics #instatech #LA #consumerelectronicsshow #instagadget
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Sponsored post: Unleash the power of cloud networks
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Encryption arms race continues as Microsoft bulks up protection for email and file storage