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US Dept of Transport leaks personal info on quarter million staff
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Cash-strapped EV startup Arrival is laying off half its staff
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University of Waterloo launches driverless autonomous 5G shuttle
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The UK is betting on drones to transport medical supplies and help tackle the pandemic
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Transport for NSW backup procedures still include floppy disks in 2020
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Uber may have left Southeast Asia but its APAC HQ remains in Singapore
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China’s Didi is laying off 15% of its staff
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E-moto startup Alta Motors reportedly powers down
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Lyft opens first permanent office in NYC
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Emil Michael, Uber’s SVP of Business, has left the company
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Uber details early steps to change culture, and ongoing COO search
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After 24 seasons of Top Gear, does a new host lineup make the show worth watching?
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Elon Musk addresses working condition claims in Tesla staff-wide email
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British Airways apologises for global IT meltdown that resulted in huge delays