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The Reason The Segway Was A Massive Failure
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Segway to Heaven: Mega-hyped wonder-scooter that was going to remake city transport to cease production
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Segway unveils S-Pod personal transport for scooter skeptics
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Segwey-Ninebot now has an electric dirt bike
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In a bid to corner supply, Bird locks in exclusive deals with the biggest scooter vendors
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Someone created a jet-powered flying Segway
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Segway Robotics’ Loomo wants to be your little buddy
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Toyota’s Concept-i Walk offers rolling personal mobility
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This 360-degree self-balancing scooter is a Segway for the impractical
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Segway’s first robot launches to developer partners
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Beyond BB-8: How the Sphero is helping students with autism learn
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Segway miniPRO is the personal transportation device you’ve been waiting for
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Segway’s smart mini-transporter is up for pre-order
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Segway launches $1,000 self-balancing scooter you can control like a drone from your phone
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This hoverboard with a cereal bowl is the future of transportation
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Toyota teams with Segway inventor to revive innovative iBot wheelchair
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Segway just dealt a huge blow to the hoverboard industry
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Segway has gotten a bunch of products banned in the US for infringing on its patents
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CES 2016: Segway Mini Pro
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Intel and Segway have made an adorable hoverboard butler
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Segways never really became mainstream, and hopes of a real-life hoverboard — for everyone — are still years away. But that doesn’t mean the bicycle ...
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Xiaomi and Ninebot just launched a $315 self-balancing electric scooter in China
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Beijing-based Ninebot Acquires Segway, Raises $80M From Xiaomi And Sequoia
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As a personal transporter, the Segway was a near complete failure.
@DaveTheFuturist 9 years ago
#CES2015 InMotion v3 - Segway-like transportation. http://t.co/XrtrHEBP46
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Apple Watch is ugly and boring (and Steve Jobs would have agreed)