@techcrunch.com 3 months ago
Pakistan-based BusCaro is providing safer transportation options, especially for women
@thenextweb.com 8 months ago
Dutch students use iron balls for safe hydrogen storage and transport
@theverge.com 1 year ago
Russia plans to launch new Soyuz spacecraft to replace a leaky one docked at the ISS
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Transport authorities are toothless against idiot Tesla owners
@zdnet.com 2 years ago
Qantas gears up digital health pass ahead of international flights resuming
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A look at Philadelphia’s 5 steps to safe and sustainable transport
@ajassy 3 years ago
Excited to support @Carrier’s new Lynx platform which will use #AWS #IoT + #machinelearning to provide greater connectivity, visibility, intelligence across the cold chain to improve safe transport of temp-controlled items like food, vaccines, etc. https://ajot.com/news/carrier-and-aws-collaborate-to-transform-how-perishable-goods-are-moved-and-monitored-globally
@cnet.com 3 years ago
Modified Honda Odyssey minivans deployed in Detroit aid coronavirus response - CNET
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E-scooters are just as safe as cycling, but that’s not saying much
@mobilesyrup.com 4 years ago
Transport Canada clears Santa for take-off, reminds drivers of safe practices on the road
@abcnews.go.com 4 years ago
Does technology make moving nukes safe? Depends whom you ask
@ThalesCanada 4 years ago
Today wrapped up @ICAO’s #Innovation Fair in #Montreal, where we shared how Thales is leveraging #AI, #bigdata, #connectivity & #cybersecurity to make air transport more secure, safe & efficient. Missed it? Check out the @thalesaerospace handle for event highlights. #IWAF2019 https://t.co/qcZprjiF19
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CHEAP: $60 for this 2TB Western Digital portable HD? TIME TO TEAR OFF OUR CLOTHES IN JOY
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Kasko2Go launches in-app safe driver community and tech to reduce premiums
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Segway Robotics’ Loomo wants to be your little buddy
@TCS 6 years ago
PIPES Act of 2016 mandates safe and efficient transport of oil&gas in the US. #MachineLearning can help compliance.http://on.tcs.com/2vGdKJ3 https://t.co/Pjb3pvz3vp
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Facebook Safety Check now lets locals find and offer Community Help like shelter
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Lyft donating $1 million to ACLU over next four years following Trump immigration ban
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Karamba Security raises $2.5 million to keep self-driving cars safe from hackers
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
It’s time to publicly shame United Airlines’ so-called online security
@WIRED 7 years ago
Severe turbulence on a flight from Boston to Sacramento reportedly launched some passengers from their seats, slamming their heads into the ceiling. With ...
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HTT licenses safe, cheap levitation tech for its 760mph Hyperloop capsules
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Skedaddle Is Using On-Demand Charter Busses To Fix Long-Distance Travel
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This is what a Rascal looks like going 100 miles per hour
@WIRED 8 years ago
There are “compelling economic, social and environmental reasons for cities to invest in safe and well‐connected cycling infrastructure,” the report says.
@theverge.com 9 years ago
Lyft, the pay-to-hitchhike app, baits regulators by launching in New York City