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What is the future for the UK taxi industry post #Covid19? The taxi sector's ability to survive and reinvent itself will form a critical part of the nation’s civic transport strategy. #coronavirus #economy #bigdata #taxis Please read our article. https://pomanda.com/blog/5ef3ae8b2ca2feed11a58923
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Transport app Citymapper trials its own smart bus and transport service in London
@OurielOhayon 7 years ago
It’s 2017 and with all the innovations trying to reinvent transport no one has figured out a way to neutralize overbooking once and for all?
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How Winnipeg focused on local strengths to create a tech hub in central Canada
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Stunt SUV pulls a 'Transformer' and gets around gridlock
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Serving up a better burger: How IoT and blockchain will reinvent the global supply chain
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Bridj Raises $4M, Hires Former Chicago & DC Transport Head Gabe Klein To Reinvent Your Commute