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On-demand public transport sounds like a luxury — but it can actually save cities money
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Zurich to use rideshare service to plug public transport gaps
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Texas voters green light $7.1B plan to overhaul Austin’s public transport
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Transport for London gets £1.8B bailout to weather coronavirus
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Uber competitor Ola banned in London over safety concerns
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TIL: Dubai uses AI to plan its bus routes
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3 customer-focused strategies that helped the EU’s public transport withstand the pandemic
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Here’s how cities can keep congestion reduced post-coronavirus
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Some UK bus riders will get Facebook DMs to warn if transport is too busy as lockdown lifts
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The challenges of revamping public transport after COVID-19 safely
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TFL: Only 20% of London commuters will use public transport after lockdowns ease up
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The Station: Volvo evolves, Skip trips and touchscreen tech
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USAF seeks autonomous aerial rescue vehicle for combat missions
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BMW and Lexus look to car subscriptions
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Uber rival Lyft met with London transport officials ahead of possible international expansion
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Uber’s new CEO issues public apology to London for company’s mistakes
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Former Uber engineer says company ignored repeated reports of harassment
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All new cars could have V2V tech by 2023
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Waymo’s self-driving tech got a lot better in 2016
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Lyft envisions a future where you either carpool or pay to drive
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MIT study says 3,000 ride-sharing cars could replace every cab in New York City
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Think LaGuardia airport is bad now? Wait until it’s underwater
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Vespa's first electric scooter looks gorgeous
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SpaceX unveils the Interplanetary Transport System, a spaceship and rocket to colonize Mars
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Seattle brings more congestion on the highway to the on-demand economy
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Study suggests self-driving cars crash more, but it doesn’t mean much
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China reveals plans to regulate ride-hailing startups like Uber and Didi
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Uber London Revs Its Lobbying Engines Against “Bureaucratic” Rule Changes
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The problem with Uber’s European job promises
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Iowa to offer an official driver’s license app in 2015
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If you’re worried about Uber and privacy, don’t forget Lyft and Sidecar
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Board says FAA has power over drones, can impose $10K fine
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Co-pilot gave wrong command just before Virgin Galactic space plane’s crash
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Google details new “Poodle” bug, making browsers susceptible to hacking
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With $10M, 2nd Watch wants to help companies move to the cloud
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Sponsored post: Unleash the power of cloud networks
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Drone-based businesses soar in Canada, as FAA grounds US entrepreneurs
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Daimler acquires transportation apps RideScout and myTaxi
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Uber snags David Plouffe, D.C. heavyweight and former Obama campaign manager