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Snowstorm raises seed and launches open beta to keep the internet free
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Sharing mobility data without compromising privacy
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Public Transport Victoria in breach of Privacy Act after re-identifiable data on over 15m myki cards released
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Why @dragonchain’s #blockchain platform is suitable for your #Loyalty & #Rewards application *Ease of use & #flexibility *Interchain & #interoperability *#Scalability *#DataProtection & privacy #GDPR #4IR #IoT #aviation #Retail #transport #food #media *http://dragonchain.com/blog/loyalty-and-rewards-programs-reinvented-with-blockchain
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London’s Tube network to switch on wi-fi tracking by default in July
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How “anonymous” wifi data can still be a privacy risk
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Cory Doctorow on technological immortality, the transporter problem, and fast-moving futures
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Security And Privacy Standards Are Critical To The Success Of Connected Cars
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