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With new tech coming online, cities need a department of urban testing
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China busts iPhone smugglers who used drones to get them into Shenzhen
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Uber should be regulated as a regular taxi company, top EU court rules
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IVU and BestMile Launch Autonomous Mobility Solution for Public Transport
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Elon Musk gets permission to begin Boring Co. digging in Maryland
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Uber announces plans to electrify its London fleet by 2025
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Einride’s T-Pod self-driving transport EV gets a full-scale prototype
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Scoot wants to expand its electric scooter operations globally with a white label service
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Car2go’s North American fleet will be mostly Mercedes-Benz by the end of 2017
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After boosting FedEx, is Amazon about to pull an AWS in shipping?
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How GM’s Maven car sharing service got to over 4.2M miles driven in 7 months
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Consumer Reports calls for Tesla to disable and rename Autopilot
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Obama administration heads to Detroit to speed up self-driving car rules, report says
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Amazon may have a secret air cargo operation called 'Aerosmith'
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Uber London Revs Its Lobbying Engines Against “Bureaucratic” Rule Changes