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White House: Tesla to expand its U.S. Supercharger network to other EVs in late 2022
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GM to pitch perks of Bolt EV to baseball fans on Opening Day
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Transport Canada received 171 complaints about Tesla Model 3, Y heating issues
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Google Maps now tells you when a face mask is required on public transport
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Lyft is adding Chrysler Pacificas to its AV fleet and opening a new dedicated self-driving test facility
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Waymo releases a self-driving open data set for free use by the research community
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Uber rival Bolt returns to London 21 months after a TfL investigation shut it down
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Equity Shot: Judging Uber’s less-than-grand opening day
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Aptiv takes its self-driving car ambitions (and tech) to China
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These are the competitive pressures driving automakers to accelerate new tech adoption
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Building the best possible driver inside Waymo’s Castle
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Dubai startup raises $1.5m to use AI to reduce vehicle accidents and opens US office in Detroit
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If you’re flying via Haneda Airport, you can now ask this robot for directions
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🇬🇧 @LR_Foundation is main funder of @sciencemuseum's exhibit on #BigData, opening July 15! http://ow.ly/4nfaoP https://t.co/DOXG8sq6iv
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Virtual reality theme park The Void opening its first outpost in Times Square
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Ola mobile taxi app releases its API to popular brands and developers
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Google details new “Poodle” bug, making browsers susceptible to hacking
@Techinasia 9 years ago
Uber's First Celebrity Passengers Chauffeured Around Jakarta