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How Paris is tackling inequalities in its transport sector
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NASA needs your help unloading items on the moon - CNET
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The UK really wants escooters — but needs lots of rules because people are reckless
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Amazon orders 10 electric box trucks from Montreal’s Lion Electric
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Tesla Needs Democrats to Break Up Big Tech or Amazon Will Eat Its Lunch
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NASA needs your help to build a Moon digging robot
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Toyota locks in more than a supply of EV batteries in deal with China’s CATL
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CHEAP: $60 for this 2TB Western Digital portable HD? TIME TO TEAR OFF OUR CLOTHES IN JOY
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Richard Branson steps down as chairman of Virgin Hyperloop One
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Buick unveils an all-electric SUV concept and it’s exactly what GM needs
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Segway Robotics’ Loomo wants to be your little buddy
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Did you know that #supercomputers are extremely helpful in medicine, transport or weather forecasting? That's why Europe needs to have a powerful computing infrastructure http://bit.ly/2A2JRjm #HPC #H2020 #BigData https://t.co/XZBWZv58zz
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Live your best life with the help of these 9 robots
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China debuts driverless train that only needs white painted lines as tracks
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3 reasons we’re not ready for autonomous cars
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Elon Musk needs your help to name his tunneling machine
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Elon Musk hints Tesla may not build a bus after all
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Waymo is letting residents in Phoenix test its self-driving cars
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Waterfield backpacks are an expensively acquired taste
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Like all @elonmusk assertions one needs to parse them to really understand what he means - cyborg: human intelligen… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/831348074689605632
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It’s 2017, every city needs buses with USB ports
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Uber continues self-driving vehicle testing in SF in defiance of DMV
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Elon Musk pushes back product announcement, says it needs more refinement
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Musk delays Tesla 'product unveiling' to Wednesday
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Myki rolls out a password manager that locks all your info away on your phone
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Listen to this week’s feature: Welcome to Uberville
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I’m now the proud owner of a shipping container. Every farm needs one right? https://t.co/02NOH9XHZE
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Tesla might have a backup plan if it needs more batteries to meet demand
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Ousta is driving ride-hailing expansion in Egypt
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This Alfa Romeo police car was built to quickly transport organs, blood
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The HTC Vive offers the best consumer VR experience for now — but it needs better games
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Arcade City, Decentralized Disruption of Ride Sharing with Ethereum
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One of these seven US cities will receive $50 million to rethink urban transport
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This is the insane motorcycle of Batman's wildest dreams
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Wevr Raises $25M, Announces Cross-Platform VR Content Network
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Pronto Secures $1.6M To Both Cook For, And Deliver To, Hungry Londoners
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RT @AEngblom_SNL: @pmarca @bhorowitz @fmbutt These split pretty well between "needs" (education, child care, transportation, housing and clothing) and wants.
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Check out this silent, hybrid-electric, military motorcycle that Darpa is testing
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Entrepreneurs Tackle Earthquake Safety, Urban Planning Tech In SF’s EIR Program
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Hydrogen, hybrid, or electric? Toyota & Nissan make competing bets on green-car tech
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Uber finally arrives in Vietnam, a country that needs a major logistics overhaul