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What would you do if you ran into 'Spot' the robot dog in the wild? This particular Spot-bot—named Perceval—was seen inspecting a suburban rapid transit (RER) sub-dock with Paris transport RATP networks maintenance team, in Torcy, near Paris, France this week. : Reuters https://t.co/Fa1sHEjT2t
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Canada wants to support commercial space launches
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Drones and aerial vehicles are set to change our cities, but how?
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UK takes next step toward world of e-scooters, self-driving cars, and autonomous drones
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Apple Pay Express Transit charged just by being near NYC OMNY readers
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Elon Musk will reveal Tesla’s ‘Cybertruck’ all-electric pickup on Nov. 21
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Embraer’s new EmbraerX eVTOL concept is accessible, autonomous and courteous
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Naming your company 101: Probably best not to have the word 'Oracle' anywhere near branding
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Nvidia dives into a new business segment with Drive AutoPilot
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AeroMobil’s new electric flying car concept is a sporty 4-seater
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Google Pay now lets you use prepaid public transport passes, starting in Las Vegas
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Richard Branson bets on high-speed transport with Hyperloop One investment
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You’ll be able to return Amazon orders at select Kohl’s stores next month
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Hyperloop One travel just got a step closer to reality
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Hyperloop One completes test track for near-supersonic ground transportation system
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Smart sensors keep this truck in line — even with a trailer in tow
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Waze Carpool targets more U.S. cities, Latin America for expansion
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We’re going to SpaceX’s hyperloop pod race this weekend!
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Elon Musk says he’ll start digging a tunnel from SpaceX HQ next month
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The government wants to block your mobile phone signal while you’re driving
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San Francisco's Muni transit system hacked, resulting in free rides for all
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Uber CEO says self-driving cars won’t replace human drivers in the near term
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Construction of controversial North Dakota pipeline temporarily halted
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The need for algorithmic accountability
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Wyoming teen stumbles on dead body while playing Pokémon Go
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Trulia can now help you find a place to rent near public transport
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Trulia’s ‘Rent Near Transit’ filter finds great rentals with good commutes
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Tesla might have a backup plan if it needs more batteries to meet demand
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That drone that hit a plane earlier this week? It could have been ‘a plastic bag or something’
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An interview with the realest social media managers in public transportation
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Construction of $150 million hyperloop test track reportedly beginning in weeks
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Startup Building Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Plans To Launch A Working One In 2016
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As a personal transporter, the Segway was a near complete failure.
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Rent A Bike Near You At The Touch Of A Button