@neowin.net 1 year ago
Vodafone STEP to interconnect drivers on road with each other and transport authorities
@9to5google.com 2 years ago
Google’s Nest cameras get sorely-needed event timeline navigation controls in the Home app
@cointelegraph.com 3 years ago
General Motors Files Patent for a Blockchain-Based Navigation Map
@techcrunch.com 4 years ago
Waze now shows road toll prices along your driving route
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Tesla launches a web-based version of its in-car trip planning tool
@venturebeat.com 6 years ago
Google’s Waze goes hands-free with new voice command and gets motorcycle mode for tailored navigation
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Waze gains support for HOV lanes, motorcycles and voice activation
@thenextweb.com 6 years ago
Google Maps gets a custom home screen for easier navigation across India
@techcrunch.com 6 years ago
Uber’s new in-app navigation is designed specifically for Uber drivers
@thenextweb.com 7 years ago
Google’s Waze carpool service is coming to more cities in the US and Latin America
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
Waze Carpool targets more U.S. cities, Latin America for expansion
@theverge.com 7 years ago
Waze’s new carpooling service is expanding to more California cities
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
BMW’s HoloActive Touch in-car interface offers tactile feedback on a floating display
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
HERE’s new traffic services will bring together live data from millions of cars
@techcrunch.com 7 years ago
Israeli technology and the future of transportation
@extremetech.com 7 years ago
Ford goes 100-percent Sync 3 in 2017 cars, trucks, SUVs
@venturebeat.com 7 years ago
Citymapper now combines public transport with cars for the most efficient route from A to B
@theverge.com 8 years ago
Lyft integrates Google's Waze to pick up passengers faster than Uber
@thenextweb.com 8 years ago
Your Lyft might arrive quicker thanks to Waze’s new SDK
@venturebeat.com 8 years ago
Google’s Waze launches SDK for third-party transportation apps like Lyft
@techcrunch.com 8 years ago
Lyft, Cabify, 99Taxis & Others To Integrate Waze’s Routing Software In Their Own Apps
@techcrunch.com 8 years ago
Uber Adds TomTom Navigation Data To Its Driver App, Not Replacing Google Maps
@venturebeat.com 8 years ago
Google launches its first dedicated public transport app, but for New Delhi residents only
@thenextweb.com 8 years ago
Citymapper’s ‘Project Istanbul’ will help it bring excellent transit navigation to more cities
@WIRED 8 years ago
When iOS 9 launches in the fall, public transportation navigation data will be available for 10 cities across the United States.
@thenextweb.com 8 years ago
Public transit guide Moovit updates on Android with faster navigation and accurate arrival times
@thenextweb.com 9 years ago
Bing Maps update makes it easier to travel around Japan using public transport
@engadget.com 9 years ago
Helsinki's future transportation grid will let you order any service from one app
@venturebeat.com 9 years ago
The U.S. government wants to regulate Google Maps & all other car navigation apps
@techcrunch.com 9 years ago
Transportation Department Looks To Regulate Navigation Apps