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Equity Shot: Lyft is public — what does that mean for other IPO-ready unicorns?
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Sidewalk Labs could pilot city-changing tech in Toronto sooner than you think
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Robots & Us: Autonomous driving technology could make getting around safer, more efficient, and less expensive, but what will it mean for the millions ...
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Elon Musk doesn’t just want to bore tunnels – he wants to make boring better
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Elon Musk defends meeting with Trump: 'Does not mean I agree'
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Elon Musk explains why he won't quit Donald Trump's advisory council
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Uber invented Beacon because not every Prius is your ride home
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Connected cars could mean usage-based insurance for millennial drivers
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A space elevator is a ridiculous idea, but that doesn't mean researchers haven't tried to figure out whether it can be done. (via Inverse)
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For Volvo, driverless cars won't mean the end of manual driving
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Tesla’s patent strategy opens the road to sustainability for transport and for itself
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This Alfa Romeo police car was built to quickly transport organs, blood
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Hyperloop CEO shows off augmented reality window concept
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Segways never really became mainstream, and hopes of a real-life hoverboard — for everyone — are still years away. But that doesn’t mean the bicycle ...
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Study suggests self-driving cars crash more, but it doesn’t mean much
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Citymapper’s ‘Project Istanbul’ will help it bring excellent transit navigation to more cities
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HopSkipDrive, The Uber For Kids, Picks Up $3.9 Million In Seed Funding
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Uber Stages Protest At NYC City Hall Against Bill Throttling New Driver Signups